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  1. Soon tp to towns ar L2 store
  2. Why don't you want fix simple problems what ppl said before srsly, even gm's on illegal servers fixing problems faster than you..shame ...
  3. Vip 1 question help please

    Thanks for answer
  4. Hi I have question about vip points I used 400 NCcoins at once, will it continue vip lvl 1 for 4 months automatically? There is quotation from patch note Once a VIP tier is obtained, you reap the benefits for 30 days. Should you level up and change VIP tiers any time during your 30 days, you can enjoy your new tier benefits for 30 days from when you reached that level. If you want to maintain your VIP tier, be sure to make the minimum spend requirement within the next 30 days or have spent enough previously that your excess spend can cover the next minimum spend requirement. Any idea guys ?
  5. Bots, they don`t care...

    It was 5 members party, this option doesn't wok. they still farming as well gg. When you want report bot via support on page submit button doesn't work so anyway awesome option.
  6. new idea about bots

    Don't you get it they won't do anything about bots?, you can't even make a ticket becuse submit button doesn't work at all.
  7. Today when I made topic about bot, they deleted it in 20 minutes, if you want report bot by support option it doesn't work at all, gg. We need more hats at l2 store