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  1. Queue is over 9000!!!

    I logged in @ 13:50 at the 1600 place in queue. Now iam 10th in the queue @ 19:56 well...so it will take a huge amount of time. Get rdy for some waiting
  2. New european server

    then change your title to transfer and not New european server
  3. New european server

    You also have to consider that the population will naturally decrease by time. Server is new, people are hyped and wanna play. In 1 month server will get stable and we will see then the actual amaount of people playing. Atm its just flooded. So imho opening a 2nd EU server could backfire and we have then 2 mid populated servers.
  4. Adena !! :D

    seems legit now.
  5. ...at the moment in my honest opinion many things go too wrong. Iam would call myself a Veteran of the glory "old" l2 days from tawain beta till Interlude i played very active, basically daily. The first thing what came into my mind hearing of NcSoft NA classic was...woah a dream come true. Again killing tons of mobs in parties, spoiling hundreds of mobs for recipes and mats...spending quiet some time in the game to achief something together. I know how hard L2 was back then but on the other hand i also remember how noobish we all were. I mean things like Soulshots took me actually many days to find out what it was that brings the weapon to glow! Or what kind of party setup actually works together...we were running around randomly and killing mobs...yeah it worked but it was just ridiculous if i think about that nowdays. Well what i actually wanna say is that i dont think iam a noob when it comes to "hardcore" but i feel like many things are just broken and not how it supposed to be, at least in my book. People got very excited the very first time they heared about a NA classic but many of you can see a lot of them are disappointed, including me. They took the game and made a well freestyle testing object out of it. NcSoft NA know how L2 works from EU and RU servers also they have experience from previous L2 chronicles but what they did here is something complete new, never tested random system. We have spoil rates never seen before on a server. We have exp rates that doenst fit any chonicle before. We have a payment system that totally blew my mind and from many others obviously also. We have bugs that shouldnt be in a 2018 classic version,(like Soulshot) i mean they are not running this for the first time. The queue system is super f u cked up and kicking people constantly out of the game. I think you getting my point here. Players from previous generation, i mean real L2 early chronicle players C1-C3 are just lost in this. This is not what we wanted or what we were looking for. These changes are horrible and totaly destroy the feeling of L2. Why would NcSoft make such changes? For what reasons? What are they aiming for...Nothing of this was tested before and they running it like that. People are getting mad and everyone can see it in the forums. Things are not set up very well and that backfires now. I know a company needs to earn money too but 30€ for a D o n a t i o n is just way too high. Players who payed now would also have payed on a normal rated server. Bring back the real Classic on normal stats and everyone will be happy...in long terms people gonna quick, including me. Iam already waiting for changes and if nothing happens iam outa here.
  6. Old Bartz?

    Pretty hard finding people from back then...if you consider that most people played l2 in their mid 20´s are now around 40 years old...proly doing something else than gaming. I played c1 but damn i was a young boy and i remember these times. Greetings from Gustin ;-)
  7. Leveling after 20

    Just go to AC you will find a group there pretty sure...
  8. Question about Treasure Hunter

    Daggers have low p.atk, fast atk speed Bow slow atk spd, high atk power That means in terms of money/adena you are much better playing with a bow. Since you deal a lot more dmg with a lot less Soulshots.
  9. I ask for the return of my money

    Gl on asking for your money...you agreed on everything you will see nothing. Iam sorry for you since the server really doesnt offer much ...well gl tho
  10. The Nostalgia and NCsoft

    At least NcSoft should make a statement and say something about th current situation. We all have the same opinion, It cant be true that the community getting ignored evn tho there are many threats about the same problems.
  11. Ima fine here posting and i have fun reading stuff. If you are the one having mental problems then just leave the forum like you said and dont forget to take enough money with you to keep up the D o n a t e. Have a good day sir.
  12. Drop rates aren't broke.....

    Well i played too and you obviously was broke back then lol...If this is right now for you how it was 14 years before then you obviously have no clue how it was. Like some people wrote already...there was an economy, atm there is nothing in here. Spoilers cant farm, drop rates are terrible and the whole premium thing is a big bad thing that destroys the game. You can say what you want but when there are like 2000 post on this forum about all this then something must be true about it, right? Cant be true all of us are wrong...
  13. You obviously dont get the point in all that. Its not about the Adena. Did you ever play l2 c1 before? i really doubt so else you would understand. You are on of these private server Warriors who joined in Goddes of Destrucion and now you give a bleep about the community. You are @ the wrong place buddy and like i already said its not about the adena. The whole game philosophy is shit on this server. They charge 30 € for premium. They ban random people. Server rates are not what they are supposed to be for an official NcSoft server. Spoilers are bleeped up. Quests doesnt work proper. The login queue causing crashes. Some mobs mid lvl 20 give less experience...and so on many more trouble.
  14. This is seriously bad. NcSoft NA really need to change something. This is half pay2win and half a mess. Why dont you just bring back the real c1 rates. Everything 1x and not 0.75 or whatever. I just dont get it why they are so greedy, are they not able to see whats going on? People actually wanna play this game!! But they are running away ( including me ) cause of this mess. I played a spoiler for 3 days and i spoiled like 3x coal 5x animal skin and 10x animal bone for beeing like 15 hours online. This is a joke and i will quit also if there is no change. Really sad that the very first version C1 from 2003 outperforms a 2018 classic version, NcSoft NA should be ashamed.