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  1. i love the feeling of classic , and i dont mind with the current adena and xp rates, what bothers me the most is the fact i try farm for weapons in specific mobs for hours and nothing , i have no progression at all , its like you lv 50+ and you have a NG weapon,sucks and some of my friends sto playing the game cause of that.
  2. wich buffer gives the most beneficial buff for a Phantom Ranger ? Prophet? or other ? ty
  3. whats the best buffer for archer ? prophet ?
  4. example , been trying to get NG bow from suposely this mob for past 3 days playing 3/4h a day , nothing , drop is low , this is quite annoying and boring and that way makes people stop playig this. i played classic in the past,i know how it works and i love it, but nowadays L2 is not rewarding enough.....
  5. fix the armour and weapon mob drop , more % : will fix all the problems that we have, adena is fine , xp is fine , DROPS are not fine
  6. need +% drops in everything, period
  7. adena and xp are ok , the problem is weapon/armour drop, its to low , and that way you progress to slow and stay in "spiders" 4ver lol just my opinion
  8. you prolly a VIP , game is not rewarded to players, makes no sense in 2018 farming 4/5 days and get nothing. and dont say its "classic" cause its not
  9. this game needs to be more rewarded and more drops , and dont come with the " this is classic" , we all know that
  10. Bots - FIX the drops of items , that way people dont need to use them to get a item that take 3/4 days farming Adena - Mobs should drop more adena quantity , everything is expensive in game so Drops - more % drops on mobs, people stay in same place and theres no progression at all (fast example, spiders are supose to drop a NGsword, been doing the spider quest since classic server open , me and 3 friends got 0 ) Rude/Annoying people - FIX the pvp/pk system , makes no sense getting 400 karma and then mobs take you out 1 karma per kill PK system - was a last resource to d
  11. the big problem to me is not the xp or the adena, is the item drop, farming weeks to even get a top NG weapon its not fun
  12. Phantom ranger - best dmg + crit dmg Silver ranger - best crit chance + speed Hawkeye - best hp poll + all balanced
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