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  1. I still do not get why someone want to transfer if both servers are equally dead(with that "classic" launch). Might be merged in one in few months. Pff...
  2. With 4th classic server opened today(4th since 3 Oct 2018) and recent outrageous golden compass event, I assume NC West is aiming to drain $$$ from classic version, and do not care to keep alive "live" servers. Lots of cheap items on the market, people leaving. My bet is that somewhere in summer 2019 we will receive emails like this: https://i.imgur.com/fvqFl8G.jpg The only question here is that will Chronos be merged with Naia BEFORE, or closed both at once
  3. Lowered on live servers too. On mobs. Looks like another ninja patch to enforce VIP/rune sales
  4. This is about elven Village I can say for sure, but looks like Atelia Fortress is affected too. Mobs(usual mobs, NOT child) there never gave out 400-600b exp like now, even before August update. Clean char without vit and runes received like 1.2-1.5b of exp per mob. And from party experience, 9 Oct 1h20m exp === 1.85% at 105 10 Oct 1h20m exp === 1% only. Exp boosts and kill rate are the same, except I used 2 frozen scrolls 2nd day, which makes EXP nerf even worse.
  5. No no no. Elven mobs never gave exp like 400-600m(wtf?). Even months ago on pure char without vit and runes it was 1b+++. And today I have an easy compare. Same pt. same 1h20m exp -- 100% rune lost, but added nevit 100% exp instead,. And see? I got 0,8% 10 Oct instead of 1.85% at 9 Oct. This is outrageous and officials do not even bother to comment or check. I guess all this field exp nerf is to make more people quit and move to their trendy classic servers Ps: instances seems ok
  6. Ahh, that looks familiar. Great nc west first line support. I will always remember a story: Back in year 2013, may be, I asked twice to teleport my char into nearest town, since he could not move( /unstuck did not help either), and got 2 answers in row from a GM of Guild Wars!! Offered me to read Guild Wars FAQ about my problem...
  7. No no. I have money on Paypal account and wanna pay with them, not with card. In the end, I input some card number to paypal during payment process and ncsoft accepted this unverified card and my money from paypal funds
  8. Paypal does not allow to purchase from NC without card added to paypal account, really?
  9. LOL. win10 defender is a complete antivirus comparing with win7, "don't use any" he says...
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