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  1. wow, so much rage i played on "difficult server" (whatever the f that means), and i've never said i got frustrated, by unbearable i just meant boring and unpleasant, there's a difference between challenge and masochism even buffer box won't let you farm solo in most areas, so cut the crap about suddenly being it easy mode, if you think they'll make a classic server for you, where you're gonna have your perfect vision of the game, full of friendly people looking for random buffers everywhere then good luck to you the closer people get to the endgame, the more they stick to their clan
  2. parties will almost always prefer alive buffer than a box, if played well he can be always some addition to overall dps or heal (if we're talking about a dude who just buffs and sits for 20 mins then ye, i don't know why would i rather to have him in pt instead of my box), also there's a social part to it, where it's cool to have one more dude to talk with during grinding basically in every clan i was when i played l2, every member had an access to his personal buffer, but when we were making a pt, alive buffers were always a priority over boxes, and that's how it should always work
  3. nope, soloing without buffing box is unbearable especially on classic, and you can't just force people to play only in cp's and if you're gonna start talking some stupid things like "well, if you wanna solo then do it without buffs", then that's just ridiculous and l2 has always been this way, where people make their buffboxes, to make grind at least bearable
  4. true that, i'm rly tired of these queues, and i could even buy vip, but i can't since i get dc while i'm setting up my pin code lol
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