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  1. 60-65 raids dropping 8 weapons 6.75% chance each wep. 65+ raids have even higher drop. how come it doesnt get to the % i mentioned? its ~55% + every 60+ raid to drop a weapon.
  2. lmao. Thats why there are casual and tryhard players. Judging by your words if u cant be at the same lvl as the topdogs u should stop playing.Because its waste of time if u cant catch up and then u say "playing 7-8h day get a life" thats why they are 75+ cuz they dont have a life. if u wanna "have a life" u cant be 75+. and even if there is lvl cap u still cant compete with them . they will have WAY more adena/items/mats and so on. and when the Cap is removed they still going to be ahead of u cuz u cant play all day night long. they will still outlevel u hard. u realize that ? Ur w
  3. u have to turn it "On". its working fine .....
  4. 45 lvl is like 1 week playing 7-8h / day .. also thats not bullshit. they even did it on stream
  5. i dont see a reason to not lvl btm. it takes more HP but regens more MP. wheres the problem?
  6. they are both resist crit. Only the description is wrong. its same with song of water
  7. It is . he is probably comparing the EXP to mobs with 0 drops that gives x2 exp
  8. They have Good drops + spoil compared to 0 drops from lower floors , u know ? the mobs that gives u x2 Exp then TOI 5 got 0 drops. If u get 10-15k exp Solo then its broken. but u assume u farm full party there?
  9. if u combine the chances from l2 wiki is kind of same. its like ~30 to 70% for weapon drop total. maybe they just got lucky idk lmao
  10. yep . Raid drop rates are same as l2wiki. sadly everything else is 5 to 30 times lower
  11. Correct . Spoil rate is 1/3-1/4 and quantity is 1/10 for 40+ mobs according to l2wiki So we can say spoil rate is x0.03 for some mobs that spoil a lot of mats
  12. the only parties u will find ( there is party matching window from alt+c ) will be AoE groups, which ur class is worthless in it so prepare for slow solo inefficient grind(because AoE is balanced) maybe sometimes melee pt for FT( forgotten temple) will pop up but dont count on that.
  13. truth been told, sadly only few ppl understand that....
  14. get bow. will make ur life x9999 easier. farming adena is rly hard with newbie items. ur best bet is Forest bow ( 1 soulshot ) its around 160k adena and u will struggle with it until u gather for Dark elven bow (700k) D grade. also x1 shot consume. using bow will help u alot since u wont rly have to use pots if u kite mobs, playing with dagger is really painfull when u dont have good items. if u were playing on Talking island i could help u a lot but u are playing on Giran. this game is kinda hard especially if u are newbie. Its not like other games following quest chains and ge
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