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  1. truth been told, sadly only few ppl understand that....
  2. New here

    get bow. will make ur life x9999 easier. farming adena is rly hard with newbie items. ur best bet is Forest bow ( 1 soulshot ) its around 160k adena and u will struggle with it until u gather for Dark elven bow (700k) D grade. also x1 shot consume. using bow will help u alot since u wont rly have to use pots if u kite mobs, playing with dagger is really painfull when u dont have good items. if u were playing on Talking island i could help u a lot but u are playing on Giran. this game is kinda hard especially if u are newbie. Its not like other games following quest chains and getting free gear. this game is like survival mode If u really enjoy the game and wanna dive into i suggest u to start dualbox. Human mystic* with class transfer cleric at lvl 20. it has nice buffs and also can heal u and its a must if u wanna progress as solo player. u will also farm up some adena until u get it to 20. maybe u drop something good and get ur forest bow. Hunting bow ( 40-60k not sure) Forest bow ( ~160k) both are No grade and use x1 soulshot Soulshots increase ur dmg by 100%.
  3. at this point u should add stamps to grocery store 4 months cant fix this issue or add alternative option. Why dont u make ALL B weapons unavailable then????? HELLO? WE CANT MAKE DUALS FROM 4 MONTHS this is RIDICULOUS @Hime
  4. And clan halls? We gonna get A grade in 1 month but we still cant make B duals cuz no dualsword craftstamps
  5. enchant bug?!

    the video isnt loading to me. stop claiming that there are enchant buggs. how many ppl u think enchant weapons daily? if there wasnt any red weps already i would call that a bug lol this is 2019 . not 2004 when ppl didnt know bleep about this game. also u can buy EWDs from luxury store which makes it SUPER easy to enchant weps. edit: no i dont have ++ wep. all i got is +3 . broke few weps and the best result was +9 failed to +10. 50% of the ppl complaining dont have balls to +++ and the other 50% cant even afford it . get real
  6. enchant bug?!

    when russians will learn english . and why russians are not banned zzz
  7. New here

    1>20 is like 2-3hours. just follow the quest chain. at lvl 15 u have quest ( repeatable x3) and ull hit lvl 18 farm up until lvl 19 40% and start ur class quest ( u can finish class transfer at 20) if u play on Talkin island hit me up with PM. i might toss u some free gear
  8. help me with these

    u cant.
  9. What is the level cap?

    u can level up to 81 until u get penalty . not 78 .... mobs are 75 so no penalty up to 81 lvl gl hf. and yes they are up
  10. yea, VIP players can get Shots . not sure if u serious or trolling. meanwhile u ignore the fact that there is 10% exp + PoF drop from monsters for everyone else. whats wrong with u guys?
  11. there is also "Santa like" buff again aka PoF and its 5 min this time. Dont tell me its not nice at all. Also can we get more info on the mysterious soulshots? are they just like general Soulshots but with decreased weight or they have Bonus dmg?
  12. Help me solve 2 Question ty

    karmian +6 or demon set.
  13. Help me solve 2 Question ty

    its 30 mcrit DMG* not critical rate and yes its beyond worthless set also no way u crit 1/4-1/5 with 60 mcrit 60 mcrit means 6% u know? also INT scales* ur matk . u cant say 4 INT is 16% matk .
  14. Level cap

    or atleast add stamps as event reward or something. its been over 3 months without something that should be here since start
  15. Buf OL bug ?

    not a bug. OL buffs are clan/ally only