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    if your wanna 2 box, prophet bd is best. if you wanna 3 box, bd, se, and warcryer are the best

    im a lvl 50 bd, and i box a prophet. the only thing i regret is not boxing an se. tbh, my ideal box set rn would be a bd, se, and prophet. or i might bring a bd, se or warcrayer. both work to me. the bd prophet set up is great minus the lack of mp which is wht the se is for. warcryer has less awesome buffs than the prophet, but it takes half as long to puff your party, especially if your with more than your two character.
  3. Ridiculous political situation on Server

    Exactly, glad we could get that straight. Quality alliance right here.
  4. Ridiculous political situation on Server

    This made me lol. Gl with your bot trains impulse. Or is it remedy? Or redstar? Hows heaventohells original clan btw? You botters change clan names so fast trying to avoid your own bad press that its hard to keep track of what your called currently.
  5. i picked aden because i couldnt even log into giran and ti to play the characters id made earlier. when they made gludio, there was no reason, but aden was big when i started it. too many bots now though. its terrible. maybe 500 real life people on aden server now. everyone else is a box or a bot. its sad. so ncsoft, plz merge servers, and please hire in game devs who can actively search for botters. hint, start looking in places were rare and valuable things drop.
  6. Level Up Adena Balance

    stop using shots in a party, especially a full party, if you wanna make money. parties give you more exp and adena because its a fast rate of killing things, and because you dont have to use shots each hit which is basically adena spent per kill. tl:dr solo for major adena, no exp. party for less adena, major exp.
  7. no, stop this. it is supposed to be hard. its supposed to be obscenely hard. go grab a spoiler and a link to the eu classic wiki and pick were you hunt carefully. join parties to avoid using soulshots and potions. get a secondary character thats a dwarf and farm his ass off. hunt green characters. never leave town without a quest and a purpose. find a clan that cooperates when it comes to getting each other upgraded equipment. its hard. very hard. its supposed to be hard. its about the journey to level 70, not about getting to level 70 the month the game comes out. this is different from every other game currently out. this game does not pander to the generation with a 5 second attention span. you need to be ready to grind for days or weeks just to get that one item you need for whatever activity. if that is not for you then please try either a illegal server, live, or get a wow character and buy the instant max level thing. im actually disinclined to spenmd money in the cash shop BECAUSE i dont want it to be easier.
  8. Thanks for ruining the server

    to all the guys complaining that the old rates didnt give you the money you neede to advance, thats why every account should have a dwarf. when your not playing, you have your dwarf set up next to a gatekeeper and sell stuff or have him set up a workshop. thats the niche for dwarfs. you cant get there alone, so you need to contribute to the in game, player economy to continue. tl:dr make a dwarf, you arent supposed to be able to get top grade shit without one.
  9. Change the GMT of the Aden server

    ya, imma disagree with this here. aden went up after people had already committed to giran or TI. people dont want to play aden because their vip character is lvl 30 or so and they dont want to redo all of that work and waste all the money spent. i think we actually need free character transfers from giran and TI to aden. then people can switch to aden and not feel punished for it.
  10. to start with, I do think adena and drop rates should increase, but please don't go overboard with the increase. a modest increase would be preffered. I enjoy the challenge, and I enjoy that I have to choose when I need to use my shots, but I don't want the entire economy breaking down. so just a modet increase, its better to under hit the target than to make everything too easy with a kneejerk reaction. as for the biggest issue that you have not addressed, please implement character transfers from one server to another. aden has none of the log in problems that a lot of people are mentioning, however people are reluctant to switch because they cant bring their items that they paid for with real money. a bypass for that would be a more permanent fix to login issues. with only the currently suggested solution, you will still run into a long que time, except turn over will be better, as no one will feel a need to hold their spot. just my 2 cents.