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    Problem is there banning system is broken. Was banned and got unbanned still lost 5 days... I have had friends banned and been unbanned some havnt. Thing is we have a CP and we talking together in discord while we level so I know they not botting but they still getting banned. Out of the 7 of us 4 of us have been banned 3 of us were unbanned now one of us has not been unbanned. Wed my brother got banned and today they told him they are not unbanning him... he plays casually and doesnt even mtltibox just plays one character... I was with everyone else at 1st saying if you got banned you deserved it now I know something is screwed up and legit players are being banned for no reason. Meanwhile I still see bot trains that have been running 24/7 in the same areas for days and days still running lol.
  2. Benefits of AFKing

    Whats fishing even get you? Like how much xp/adena per hour?
  3. 1 computer = 1 account

    I multibox and have multiple vip 4 accounts but I also think 1 box per computer would be amazing. When I 1st started l2 there wasnt many people that boxed unless you owned more then 1 computer most people didnt have the hardware to run multiple clients on 1 box back then. I remember relying on other people to form parties with and in that way we formed good friendships and consistent parties. After a while we did end up sometimes making an extra account for mana batteries or for certain buffs. However originally not many boxed. I wish it would go back to that way. I also think we should go back to a p2p, subscription model there is obviously enough interest. I dont understand why so many people complain about the ques its 5$ for a few months worth of vip.... anyone can go out and make 5$ so whats the problem?
  4. Stop spamming about queue

    Its 1$ a month... I remember when I started lineage 1 as a kid I was what 13-4 years old? When .77 ended I had to pay 15$ a month. I remember saving money pulling weeds, walking dogs, doing yard work for people in the neighborhood. Then I would go to the post office get a money order and mail it in to pay for my subscription lol. Yet these people cant afford 1$ a month.... wtf...
  5. They didnt give me any info only explanation I got was that reply so im still just as much in the dark as before.
  6. Yep happened to me they finally unlocked my accounts 5 days after I sent my email to support. Took them 3 days to respond 1 day to verify my info, then 1 more day to finish the investigation. Not a big deal for me as I play pretty casually and wanst very far along but I see how it can be a big blow to ppl who spent lots of time. imgur.com/a/yqTz9LP Thats the email reply I got at the very end. Its my opinion that logging in from a diff ip (in my case logging in from work) is what triggered it? That or logging into those accounts on a diff machine for me my laptop and my desktop from home. Though I have no idea could possibly be that the automated ban system is flawed in some way.
  7. Event rb?

    Its special monster with title "Incredibly strong Monster" They are just stronger versions of monsters in the area and drop crappy chests that give you 1 mat I got a 2 stems and a thread out of the 3 I got. A nice bonus I guess but not really worth seeking out.
  8. Im pretty sure the cause is logging in form different IP. I created my accounts while I was at work went home to play and the accounts I created at work got banned while the account i created at home didnt. Also I think they insta ban anyone using mail.com emails? That account got banned pretty quick.