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  1. New to Lineage 2

    LOL Kabal...just shut up. u think u know something about L2? say someone to not speack about this? i dont come to forums too much but i know and have played Lineage 2 since C2 soo i say too you Shut up and let anyone say what they want, its cool someone new apper in this game and have a nice and positive experience. all i see around here is some **** frustated about drops e rates and shits that dont matter....

    Hi its possible too know how many we are on servers right now? just curious

    Olá sou PT sou experiente joguei no Horuy também e noutros privados, joguei no oficial até god of dest. depois não gostei nova raça muito p2w. mas voltei e tou a gostar muita gente e tudo aflito de guito como deve ser neste jogo^^. Serei Duelista se poder entrar manda pm Zellpapin in game
  4. Pet Quest

    Hi why there is no Wolf Quest and im assuming the dragon quest is desable too, can we get that working? and you guys really need to do something about the connection, everytime i need to reconnect 3 /4 times to enter 1 time in game. thanks
  5. Pet Quest

    More and more reasons to stop playing again...