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  1. Western mining zone in dwarven vilage is full of bots
  2. @Jynxzat least i get some publicity from all this drama, thnx. :D
  3. Rattata

    CP 40+ LF SWS + OL

    @kromachineAnyway this is not a topic for discussion my friend, if you want to talk about something pm in game. Thnx.
  4. Rattata

    CP 40+ LF SWS + OL

    @kromachine You cant say we are not trusted coz you didnt play with us, i could say the same for you. I dont trust poeple who put an utlimatum to me and my cp for big amount of adena for his own benefits. Best regards!
  5. Rattata

    CP 40+ LF SWS + OL

    @kromachine There is no need for you to worry about our cp my friend just focus on your and keep up the good work, thanks for your interest about our cp anyway. If you ever feel like leaving Jynxz cp we could possibly find a place for you in ours Peace!
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