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  1. Holy Crap I haven't played for awhile, come on make a new character for live get on die right away lol...so used to being buffed....go to Ruins of Agony and its like Bot Central like where do you go hunt 300 monsters lol. The game has changed quite a bit.
  2. Looking for a clan for my lvl 84 Dancer and good leveling place lol I had a knight in the works but I got involved with my BD now just stuck at 84.
  3. I made a new knight. That Elf one was too weak for me
  4. I've been trying to get a hold of him
  5. Alright cool thanks. I'm a Tank so I think I should be alright lol.
  6. There no B Grade Gear to use like for D and C Class?
  7. Thanks guys for the help. I have an Elf Knight in the works. WalrusKnight...lol. I'll get her up and see how it goes. Yes I'm male playing a female char cause I dont want to look at man butt..lol
  8. Hello all I have recently came back to L2 and its changed a lot. I was wondering what Classes are clans looking for before I start leveling up. Thanks and happy hunting.
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