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  1. YES I WAS WRONG, peoples please dont refer from my count before. I was multiply it with 1000 (while % is 100). So it should be like you said mate, and in my case its around 4.9kk with 10% error. Thanks for correcting me
  2. I admit it worth, I make 200k a day in the very 1st day from there and got my mid blunt D after 7 days or so (I have the money at 4th day but no one sell it). But please come to DE spider quest, its has lot lot less monster now. GM try to make this game better, it just so.. slow.. sad..
  3. Its random mate, so if you have good party they will help you until you done together. Or just find service, its around 30-50k adena per quest and it worth it since you can get Haste spellbook too. Its worth 10kk+ right now..
  4. It calculated from my own experience not looking from the chart. So i guess this server need 25%-50% more exp to gain level..
  5. Ive count this, 30kk is lv 32 to 33. And... 35 tp 36 around 45kk exp
  6. What is your level now ? If you at 46, then you in the best condition to farm SP : Just do your daily AI and FOM Do your Aden daily (Abyss dungeon) x2 and hope getting Dimensional Blessing = 37m EXP and 1.1m SP Keep your level at 46 (killing your character) until u satisfied with your SP. And yes, this is how L2 works.
  7. Love the game with this rate but HATE it since some monsters dont drop from spoil, its 10-30% but still not drop from spoil from 100+ mobs.
  8. Still bots dont create adena. Adena from drop so low that most of that can only pay for your SS, so even if they bots its still not make any sense. Also you can report them so their character will got debuff and be killed. If you REALLY have lv 40 chars, then you should know how harsh at lv 40+ or you think their bot are under 40. Usually they open 9-15 character with software like aster and pay an operator to type the captch. Spider quest bot script is not start at lv 15, so I guess you actually NEVER play the game or you are from other game company to make chaos in here so you got their
  9. Agree. Mmo has been here since around 20 years ago, they should have learn (except android player who got many help ingame).
  10. So, you know gold seller and did you report them ? Well I did report some of them and they vanished. Why dont you try it too ? We need actions not complains.
  11. So what about the current lv 60+ now ? They have same drop/adena/exp like you. Did they complain like babies ? NO WHY ? Because they love L2 just like me. I wish I am 10 years younger, I would compete with them but for now I will just enjoying playing dwarf for spoil n craft, so why should I play illegal server ? If you under 30 yo, it would be sad for whining about this, I feel sad for your real life. Bot did generated gold but we have report bot action. Many people just trash talking to the bots ingame (or complain in forum) without report them. I did report everytime i m
  12. I love drop/adena/exp before fixed I love drop/adena/exp now I love drop/adena/exp next update WHY ? Because Im not the only one got this so why do I cry while others got the same drop/adena/exp ?
  13. Every MMO always have max cap player. The main reason for queue is THE PLAYERS FORCING TO PLAY WITH THEIR FRIEND ON CROWDED SERVER. How about you ? Why you still play on crowded server ? Why dont you go to server without queue like Gludio ?
  14. Its really sad if theres a 29 yo crying for this game. If he was crying for this game because he cant get over it, I wonder what happen in his real life. Sad... Really sad...
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