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  1. New Lineage II Classic Server: Gludio

    GMT -4 is almost perfect for me and my friends, but RIP. You guys are way to slow at fixing the launch problems, at least give us free transfers when u open a new server, damn... now the servers are full with ppl from random cities/countries around the world, with different time zones and languages just for the sake of being able to play the game.
  2. help m with lag

    Try with leatrix latency fix or wtfast. The last one (you need to pay, but has a 2 weeks free trial) droped my ping from 220+ to 160, and got rid of lag spikes.
  3. i know, but previously the range was smaller, from 95 to 150 or so, now is as low as 60 to ... i haven't got more than 125a today so, ill stay with that number.
  4. Yesterday i was getting 100a+ on spider nest, today im getting 65a+ in the same spot with prowlers, yes, adena has been ninja nerfed.
  5. What's going on!!??

    My dude... didn't you know? VIP players now suffer from queue time too (since the last "fix"). So rip your coins anyway
  6. Bro, HIS POINT: REALLY GOOD omg. Anyway, adena drop was ninja nerfed today. cya
  7. Man i was so hyped about the NA classic launch, i can live without ss and sps, i did it back in the day. But even with a spoiler (not like it actually makes any difference), im not making enought to sustain myself, not to mention gear... how the hell am i going to progress or even pay for a gk at 40. Exp rate is not a problem at all, but no, farming a bumped spider quest is not my definition of fun, l2 was never about quests but the grind.