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  1. Since damage has increased so much and following the model you use for mobs (increasing their difficulty), i think you should consider making castles and castle objects stronger. Doors should not break after some hits, same for walls, same for crystals, castle npc defenders should be stronger, etc. The way it is today it is just like open field pvp which happens in another area (inside castle). It does not offer the advantages it was designed to offer for the castle owner clan.
  2. I am trying to find the best combo to maximize DEX on my Archer, without losing lots of STR. After all, double of low dmg is still low dmg. My toon is Human with +15 DEX dyes and the stats are 112 str - 77 dex. Only exalted 1 is finished, so +1 for all stats. With exalted 5 finished i expect to have +5 so stats will be 116str - 81 dex. To reach these stats i use r99 armor set Enchant option (+3 str), dex hat (+3 dex), old elemental shirt (+1 all stats), str +3 bracelet, emerald 3 (+1 str+dex). Items that i know of which increase stats are Lindvior (+3 dex), Blessed Valakas
  3. Before update we were used to a guide for archers, where we maximized skill crit dmg. Skills enchanted to Focus, full Dex build, etc. After recent update we should continue this path or should we change something? Maybe go for STR instead of DEX? Or change SAs?
  4. I have experience from my toon, 104 Titan/102 Archer. Gear is good, almost top for PVE (+10 Bloody set, all epic jewels, shirts, cloak pve, authority circlets, 7s, abu, etc). Skills +10 both classes. Titan build for STR, Archer build for DEX. Dual skill static patk increase. The truth is that when mobs are close, Titan with spear hits more than 10 targets (maybe more in Altar or AF). Apart from my +12 3sa Bloody Slasher, i use Enhanced Shadow Pole for Titan, while Archer has +12 Dark Bow 7/8/Sigel. The pole and the bow could be comparable for PVE. I think that Titan may be doing more dmg
  5. I am really interested to some opinions about this matter. I think that a geared Dreadnaught or Titan can do significant AoE dmg with a spear, which does not lack that of Archer or Feoh. Archer and Feoh have AoE skills with some reuse, even small, while Tyrr hits all the time. Many mobs have resist to half kills, not many have resist to spear. Plus archers dont have any crowd control skills, just dmg. Critical dmg for tyrrs can go much higher than skill crit dmg for Archers. In Altar, Atelia and other areas a Tyrr can deliver great AoE dmg. So, why ppl consider Archers and Feohs
  6. Is there some logic behind the restriction for changing enhanced shadow weapons still in this red libra?
  7. Why can't we exchange enhanced shadow weapons? There is some technical difficulty or a meaning behind this?
  8. I see that we have red libra vii but we still can't change enhanced shadow weapons. Is there an answer to why there is such a restriction?
  9. Nice video Foxes but they compare PVE weapons, so its not that helpful to the question i asked. ChiChele, although Maestro has passive for 1h Blunt, they do more dmg with 2h Blunt, if you compare similar items (eg. Tauti 1h vs Tauti 2h, or +12 Blesed Apo Avenger vs +12 Blessed Apo Retri). It has been tested in the old forums, maybe here too, dont remember. Also, not everyone has top items. And, even they do, many of them cannot be transferred due to augmentations, like the weapons for example, or the circlets. This brings me back to the question: 10% more patk and 150 element or
  10. My main is Titan 104, fully equipped, also with PVE Retri +12. I will change it in next red libra for slasher, since with next update sos will be probably pointless for Titan and i have to get used to it. Maybe not the same deal with Maestro. This is just a fun toon, so no need to change it to another specialization. Lets say that i am dead set on using either the 2h Tauti or the +12 Bl. Apo retri. The fact is i already have SoS, so its better to go with one of these 2 weapons. So the main question remains: " If i don't need the hp, atk speed and crt rate from Tauti, it comes to compare:
  11. Hi guys, i would like some opinion about the comparison as referred to the title, PVE wise only. Not enough adena to buy PVE weapon, so my choices are Tauti 2h or +12 Blessed Apo Retri 2sa. If i don't need the hp, atk speed and crt rate from Tauti, it comes to compare: Tauti 2h: more patk (base plus sa) - 150 more attribute atk +12 Blessed Apo Retri: 8,4% more ss dmg, sa and augment give about 20% more crt dmg. Price difference is not much, around 10b for Tauti and 8,5b for Apo. Char is Tyrr Maestro 99. Just a fun toon.
  12. I would like to have an updated list for pvp/general dmg boost and reduction items. I will list all i know of here and u can add more. PVP boost: Dark Weapon: +15% 3 sa: +15% Amethyst (depending on lvl) Weapon augment: +10% Ruler belt: 8% Augment on hair accessory: +5% Paagrio Might: +10% PVP reduction: Dark Armor: -20% Obsidian (depending on lvl) Weapon augment -10% Ruler belt: -9% Augment on hair accessory: -5% Freya Barrier: -10% +10 set: -10% fixed dmg Insanity: -10% fixed dmg 7S: -3% dmg
  13. I am trying to calculate the dmg difference in pvp between these two classes. Considering same gear for both, which one delivers more dmg in pvp?
  14. Let me be more accurate. Considering you have the chance to "choose" your augmentation, being a Titan, you would choose element, critical damage or plus pve damage? Ofc, if you have element attack 720 or more, you would not choose element augment. But I would like to consider the case where anything you choose really adds up to your damage.
  15. Hi ppl. I was wondering which type of augment is best for pve Titan: 1. Element augment eg 60 2. Critical damage augment eg 10% 3. Pve dmg augment eg 6% These augments, mostly first and second, are pretty easy to get from high grade stones. The third is rare, which makes me wonder if it is better also. Btw, is it still possible to get 15% crit dmg from high grade stones or we need top ones?
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