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  1. then in what case do they help with item restoration? they must do somthing in order to make community better and erase people with such behaviours. yes it is my fault that i cannot trust a "friend" with whom ive played for months, lent him a gear and now poof, he selling my weap on auction house and god knows where are my other items, in this case -1 player for nc i even pay tho. so yea they should help out with things like this
  2. can nc support team review and reply faster? im waiting like 17 hours to get a response to a single ticket. and this dude is already selling my stuff on auction house...
  3. Hello guys, after todays maintenance i was unable to launch my game. when i click update it starts to update and stops at 10% and sends out a window of update error. Cannot read file. it says please check if the file is used by another program or if antivirus program is denying access and then restart the launcher. ive got no antivirus that can deny anything or ive no clue what program might be running any file of l2. like literally no clue. i tried to restarc comp several times but it doesnt work still same... maybe try repair files?
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