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  1. party matching

    Lol you are back in game?
  2. Dyes Question

    Hi all with the "reworked" dye thing,got one question. The +5 Limit refers per stat or as dye sum. ex. +5 wit and thats it or +4 wit +4 int + 4 con ( 5=< )
  3. Help me choosing between PW or AW

    Yeah,TH seems great and pre 76 i think owns the other two,can survive more hits,and has great passives from both the other classes,not have to mention dash As for the critical chance Prezo mentioned above for the PW,critical chance affects ONLY simple melee attacks,blow rand rate well its a different topic......and BOI TOO MUCH THEORY CRAFTING AROUND IT,was searching it for months in forums and seems that in old chronicles yeah, DEX would affect blow land rate but idk in classic, DEX, not P critical chance
  4. Help me choosing between PW or AW

    I love both AW and PW honestly,everytime i have to choose i need a third opinion but in the end its down to each taste.PW get no dot apart from bleed,no crit dmg passive or p def debuff,on the other hand AW can Hex mobs,poison (which idk if you gonna use it at that lvl),sting and critical dmg passive.PW got fake death and slightly bigger DEX than AW. I guess farming as AW seems easier and you gonna be wanted in parties as well (if Hex is needed and there is another hexer).PW can evasion tank and heal back tho it will take more time to take down a mob. As i said its down to own preference.If i had to reroll into a dagger i think i would pick PW for the flavor even tho im AW fan.Both daggers will shine at focus death part. 1v1 ganks in terrain that you can outmaneuver a mage or archer AW seems to be dangerous Mass PvP AW can shine with the healer backing him up shredding backlines. PW can be insane mage killer with his self buffs and can close distances pretty fast(entagle +DEX+quickstep),regain HP drop back in (a reminder that both classes get shadowstep and hide at some point i think) So imo PVE AW>PW PVP(parties) AW >= PW Small Scale PW = AW OPEN field ganks PW > AW Surviving Kiting PW > AW Burst pre Focus Death AW > PW Burst post Focus Death AW >= PW