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  1. L2 Classic NA Adem Report Bots

    The funny thing is that the person makes a report to the support team and no one responds and takes no action. but when you post a report here in the forum a moderator comes quickly to say that here is no place to discuss this. please tell me where I can report a bot and someone takes action to do something.
  2. L2 Classic NA Adem Report Bots

    I come through this report to denounce these bots I hope that the administration takes some action. [Edited to remove names]
  3. ncsoft the player is in the queue of 800 player several times getting to stay 2 to 3 hours trying to log and can not, why in the end it takes disconect, this is a total lack of respect with the player, solve it because this is a lack of respect with the player. or at least remove the pin code because while the player is wasting time putting the code takes disconect on the select char screen.