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  1. gl all after merge, hope you will have nice pvp, and naia+freya can have finally some activity except daily factions hello naia from Nazgul
  2. btw omen ur cp still waiting for you in cronos, and wondering why u are so undecided, its only a game bro, u can lose only 50 bucks for transfer
  3. was one of the best grinding spot in the past....with many many hours dedicated i remember i catch xp-ing here during an event with full month nevit non-stop, hehe. lvl min to start here is 95 if some one powerlvl you, if not, minimum lvl for make dmg is 97-98, and only with half killer classes for stun and critical, but u need to know the strategy, becouse you need to kite a lot, and taking mobs only 1 by 1.
  4. thx for informations Yidao, ur kind as always, and thx also you are still here with us in a half dead game we still have the pleasure to play, to farm and hope to pvp also, and prolly all we expect a great final battle when all servers will be merged in one till then, only guerilla fights and warrior chat strategies.
  5. nice speach @Asphalem, but unfortunatelly the same situation you will find in naia, same menthality. players and devs destroy this game together, for the same reason: THE GREEDY! they cant understand it can be more profit for everyone if they keep lower prices on ncstore items, let the drop ingame and also for rmt farmers, let the server to breath. they dont understand/no care if no competition/no wars/no pvp, no average middle gear ppl, game will die. so sadly, a lot of players passionate loves this game, but devs/admins not. so sadly, we want to keep this game alive, but devs/admin only care
  6. i think you are right. and lets dont forget about eva presence, and the fact without this pdef skill we cant survive in hard farming. i cant imagine an elven farm and no raise shield, QQ also i asked a friend who experienced this old skills and he said this magic reflect didnt trigger so well.
  7. still keep worth it? i mean shield deflect magic, physical mirror are nice reflect skills, but if u dont learn raise shield, there are no other pdef skills with fast reuse for protect you.
  8. lvl 8 cry mystic + hp/mystic + sigel pm here or ingame DJANG0 cronos server.
  9. better stop flame and go back to original topic, with new and argumented opinions. we play this game for fun, not as a way for insulting people.
  10. dh will farm alone till ncsoft merge all 3 servers in one, and after that will be forced to make a real pvp for dragons/rbs and ofc they will lose their frightened pve slaves, or nova will destroy ms, and after they make a visit to dh in naia, muahahahah. just joking mate, only i dream about it. u must know more than others, donnors >>> farmers. and even ncsoft know this, more than us
  11. @Conguero, long time ago, was a dark period in Europe history, during the Middle Age. the chief of Inquisition was a famous priest, Torquemada, who reduce to silence and death every oponent and enlightened mind who wants science and progres, and all this cruel, criminal things, inclusiv torture and burning people in fire was maded in the name of God and religion. they said, "believe and do not doubt". hope its only a coincidence you choose also a spanish name, and all we hope Ncsoft its not Inquisition, and Conguero its not Torquemada. actually, what you can do? ban all and close the officia
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