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  1. catacombs have lvl 72 mobs. Wouldn't that make the content cap at minimum 72, which still isn't true. I'm sure you can level on level 72 mobs for another 3+ levels
  2. I figured this would be in sooner. I think there's been so much outrage about the adena drops they have been scared to post it. I'd imagine you'll see it within 2 weeks. They'll wait for the outrage to simmer down. That's the only endgame in this. There's no reason to give people bonus XP with little adena other than to back people into a corner to have to buy supplies to keep advancing. (or they just buy adena from the farmers)
  3. How to refund my purchases ?

    To do a charge back, you have to convince your credit card company something wasn't as advertised, which in this case, will be extremely easy to do. There are many cases of deception, but the easiest would be to use the community members words as proof, and honestly, your CC company isn't going to question much on it. From Hime "Q: What is Lineage II Classic?Lineage II Classic is a unique version of Lineage II that’s inspired by the original gameplay experience at release in April, 2004. It levels the playing field, and requires everyone start at Level 1. The leveling progression has been returned to a slower pace, Monsters are more challenging, and B-grade weapons and armor are the best players can initially obtain." "Q: What is the difference between the Classic server and what we have now?Many of the graphical and technical improvements that players enjoy in Lineage II today are maintained in Classic, while the available races, classes, leveling experience, and systems are reminiscent of an era before the release of Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction. We refer to the existing version as Lineage II Live in an effort to simplify how we distinguish the current server progression and rules from the Classic version." It's pretty clear very little about the current gameplay is reminiscent of the old days. To further prove you were deceived, Juji said "The looting right mechanics for raid bosses has not changed since the game launched in 2004 in the US (other regions have different settings). There is a bug that we are currently working to fix soon where loot rights are not being given properly during raids." This is clearly 100% false. Loot rights in 2004 on release were based on highest damage done on raid bosses. In C4, Command channels were added. An obviously false statement. Basically, they advertised an experience like the original servers, and didn't fulfill that to your expectations. Your CC company will revoke payment if it is within their date range. Note: Your characters will be banned for doing this. Keep this in mind. Odds are you are done with the game, but just make sure you know you can't have your cake and eat it too.
  4. Was about to buy 100 bucks in ncoin for runes. Glad I held off.
  5. Fix Looting Rights on Raid Bosses

    @Juji It's never been changed? Wasn't Raid chat and raid groups added in C4? I just watched the old lionna videos from 2004/5 and none of the videos had raid chat. It's hard to find old patch notes, but I found a russian site showing it was added in C4: "Especially for such raids added new chat - Raid Chat. Special teams, the leader of one of the groups creates such a channel, and then invites the leaders of other groups to this channel. However, in order to write to this chat, at least 5 groups should be included in the raid chat. Only group leaders can write on this channel."
  6. @Hime If it's an on going effort, can it be added to the list of known issues? (with spoils as well) I asked last week if it could, which would show the community that you acknowledge something is wrong and are working on it. If you aren't listing it as a known issue, it looks like it's not being looked at.
  7. It doesn't mimic original L2 either. Skelth spoil rates look fairly like what the server was when the game was released way back when, at least the mobs I've come into contact. I've only spoiled more than 1 mat for thread and once for animal bone. I've yet to get multiple coal/ccoal/iron/varnish in a sweep. I've gotten 1 of those with 1 design a few times or 1 iron 1 varnish, but overall the table is not correct at all.
  8. Spoils a known issue?

    @Hime @Juji Can we get spoils (and adena drops on high levels/multi-XHP mobs) added to the known issues? Juji has previously (https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/6635-something-smells-fishy/?do=findComment&comment=53439) (https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/6680-spoil-rates-are-not-fine-imo-with-a-bit-of-evidence/?do=findComment&comment=53437) stated that there seems to be an issue. It would really be an ease off the community's mind to acknowledge there is an issue in the known issues thread, otherwise it has the outward appearance that it's not really looked at.
  9. To all those who cry.

    I started playing because: Q: What is Lineage II Classic?Lineage II Classic is a unique version of Lineage II that’s inspired by the original gameplay experience at release in April, 2004. It levels the playing field, and requires everyone start at Level 1. The leveling progression has been returned to a slower pace, Monsters are more challenging, and B-grade weapons and armor are the best players can initially obtain. Q: What is the leveling experience like on the Classic server?The leveling pace of Lineage II Classic will feel significantly slower than that of the Live servers, and characters will begin to cap out at Level 70. The item drop penalty on death from the original version of the game won’t be coming back, but an XP penalty still exists at 4% loss per death. The five starting zones (Levels 1–19) will launch with additional Monsters and increased respawn rates to account for the initial rush through the lower levels. I started playing back in Prelude/C1 and quit shortly after the fire dragon was released. I would trade all these little things they are doing for what the game was back then. I've only spoiled multiple items for animal bones once, and thread a couple times. Nothing else I've come across spoils more than 1 of the mat. It's a joke. I made a BH assuming it would be like the original game and it's not. Very few, if any drops are like they were in retails release. I was a BD during the original launch and had dual SoR's and composite armor 60% into 40. I'm about to get a tarbar and am just about 34. The only reason this is happening is making several alts which I didn't have to do on the original server. I'd gladly pay a 15 dollar subscription to have what it was, rather than paying 15 a month to maintain VIP4 and getting what we have. I'd trade the XP for the normal adena drops. Killing 4x 43+ lvl mobs and getting less adena than a 35 1x mob is a joke. At best, NCSoft misrepresented the game, and at worse is purposely doing it for some reason, except the VIP rewards don't offset it and you can only purchase up to SSD with NCOIN. I'm curious if they will in the future add SSC and higher.
  10. VIP does not effect Adena. It's only item drops
  11. @Hime Is 200% the absolute max the adena drops were adjusted? There were mobs that clearly were way under value in adena. An example: This picture shows a mob in alligator island dropping 14 adena in a party of 9 (126 adena total). The lowest dropping Adena a mob on alligator island has is 376 — 880. A median of 628 adena. A 200% adjustment will definitely help, but there are mobs so under the normal drop that it's still way under what it should. I just want to set my expectations accordingly
  12. They don't have to give us anything. Realistically they can't either. Pretty hard to do anything that wouldn't massively effect the total health of the server. People that XPed and hit a wall really did it to themselves. Once the rate is fixed they won't really be able to kill mobs easily to make Adena. The best thing I can think of them doing is doing like a 3 to 5 day shadow weapon event. Allow people to get their choice of a non-salable, non-tradable D or C grade weapon that lasts for 3 to 5 days. This will allow people to kill mobs regardless of their level up to 51. By then, people should have the adena to get a D weapon or low C grade weapon no problem.
  13. Nothing addressing spoils. There will be a lot of charge backs due to this. RIP this game