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  1. dagger and shield is what all competent SWS players have been running pretty much since launch. The Birdy guy played his class wrong for "many years" as he stated.
  2. Warlord is amazing in PvP. 90% stun rate ability and crazy aoe for zergling guilds. Go +12str -DEX(or con if ur confident) for pve and +15 CON -DEX for PvP. Have a blunt and polearm. Go heavy. Thats about it. In PvE you destroy mobs and can even solo AOE. In PvP you are mostly a CC class with some neat AoE Dmg for the dumb russian zerg guilds.
  3. Who thought it was the best idea since sliced bread to not offer players a way to obtain VIP status without being on the active character and not just do it through the webshop? Now potential customers have to wait anywhere between 4 to 6 hours during peak hours just to buy a VIP status. And its week 3 soon... Amateur hour.
  4. Adena issue is CRUCIAL!! We just want x1 rates thats all. Not .75 xp and .25 adena. NCSOFT please. This cant wait a week or two. It had to be fixed yesterday. People can't enjoy this at all... Well at least I can't.
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