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  1. It was a thorough analysis: laby.fr (server status) / friend list / queue times (humans trying to login, no mass bots) / bot spam nowadays. Conclusion: Dying, faster than a pvt server.
  2. I don't think so. Checkout their posts, lowered a lot since 1 month ago. I smell some inner drama about servers management. It's like -80% server real population in less than 1 month. Some Heads are on the table.
  3. Lol, you guys still didn't realize this is a Java Server with no English-speaker Dev? Even Juji and Hime are gone from forum (no posts at all nowadays) because they prolly gave up.
  4. There's nothing wrong with exp scaling. They are using same KR-classic exp, someone posted the exp-table some time ago. Just forget about l2-wiki, it's for EU version, this is KR version.
  5. Wondering why it's so hard to hire a DEV and fix server. 2k19 and waiting for KR team, like seriously?
  6. No more queue even for no-VIPs. Who knows.
  7. Clueless. If you want hardcore move to KR/RU servers. Welcome to America, no time for no-life killing mobs for over days.
  8. Seems bugged, according with l2wiki exp: 54 430,790,086 55 490,916,803 56 558,693,890
  9. ATM rates are hard. As I said they don't have acess/are allowed to modify server files. They're completely lost trying to bring events to server customers, but can't solve the main problem. Meanwhile friendlist with ~30% online, better they dont be late.
  10. Wrong again my friend. It's an 15y old game that was 100% dead nowadays until they brought back old chronicles. Why are you even arguing trying to pull the "L2 HARDCORE CARD" in 2k19? Even NCsoft buffed servers with XP boost events/C grade/D grade stuffs...
  11. Player term is outdated my friend, mby when we were children... We're almost in 2k19, its all about business. NA community/customers = NA bussiness = VIPs/DGs/Runes/Events. NCSoft know it, they just don't have a clue how to manage server files, It's all about KR DEVs. Cheers.
  12. Cool story, maybe luxury for some KR/RU server. Here NA server, thats why xp scrolls/DGs/Events. Face it, we are other kind of customers.
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