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  1. Leave, game is dead, don't look back. Dwarves are useless now.
  2. On TI my entire clan is gone (20+ people) now the new alliance we formed with the leftovers and people from other clans is also quitting, I haven't played for over 3 weeks and have no desire to do so. Gg they managed to kill the game in less than 1 year, then certainly beat all expectations...
  3. So 6 hours ago, stil investigating or did you all go thought "...meh, this can wait no matter if ppl cant login" and went home to feed your cats?
  4. Just when you thought it was not possible, NC has devised new ways to loose more players!, can't login and sadly I dont care, loosing interest in the game....
  5. Merge Giran with Aden & Gludio with TI, or the other way around, that should work. You'll have 2 servers with 7k players not bad...
  6. While removing the event related items it's understandable, you should allow players to keep the remaining bait (and keep the NPC) as well, since the baits are paid items, one more week to complete fishing and exchanging leftovers should be more than enough and greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello, Hola The incident has been thoroughly investigated and we have found no errors or inconsistencies made on the review of your account. El incidente ha sido investigado a profundidad y no hemos encontrado errores o inconsistencias que pudieran haber ocurrido en la revisión de su cuenta. (es decir que tu apelación no tiene sustancia por que la revision original que derivo en el bloqueo fue correcta) While we prefer not to take actions like so, we feel it is in the best interest of the game and the community that the penalty be permanent and be irreversible. A
  8. Didn't read past the 2nd paragraph did u?, the post is both in Spanish and English....
  9. It is sad how the "Dev Team" believes they can treat NA customers like dirt, this treatment has been going on for years. Since this is your jobs and responsibilities we're talking about and ultimately you are responsible to show a proffit for the NA division someone in your team @Juji@Hime need to step up to the plate and take ownership of these decisions, these cannot be mandated by Kr where they have gone out of their way to show us they consider us second rate customers and treat us just as their milking cows.
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