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  1. They seem to be banning new account on sight (only gmail addresses seem to be ignored), write support and they will apologize and unlock it,.
  2. The maintenance is every wednesday at the same hour... nothing exploded, jeez
  3. The patch is not applied yet, there will be maintenance in about 3 hours from now
  4. It seems pretty balanced IMO, a DA would be easier to fight alone with, due to the panther, otherwise i see the PA as a good tank.
  5. It also matters a lot what email was used, accounts using gmail addresses are usually not banned on sight, where other anonymous services are under suspicion instantly.
  6. Bugs exist in all games and they will be fixed eventually, the other issues with connectivity are mainly people being selfish/greedy/cheaters/bots and the admins overwhelmed by tickets
  7. It's funny seeing all these threads where people give indications/suggestions on how to fix issues, probably believing the developers have no clue about their own game. I'm sure some sort of changes are in discussion already and probably brainstormed in a conference somewhere as all fixes/tweaks have to go through several layers of hierarchies and testing. In a corporate environment you have to balance every decision against multiple factors, including changes in revenue for long term decisions.
  8. XIGNCODE3 detects virtual machines and will probably kick you out everytime. IMO one player with one box is sufficient, no boxes at all would be better technically but it would make things a lot harder for most people who do not invest a lot of time or are not sociable.
  9. I believe its every Wednesday after the scheduled maintenance
  10. I like solution 1 but it will make the game more pay2win in a way, although not bad
  11. My opinion is that 2 chars per person are enough, as sometimes it's hard to find good people to help you. Unfortunately i'm doubtful this will change anytime, as its been like this for years hardcoded in the launcher.
  12. The spiritshot pack was created due to an error in a lvl 15 quest not awarding them, but its fixed now so there is no need for the pack anymore. They will certainly not re-enable it again, you had 3 days to claim them.
  13. Pretty sure the limit per week is 50 times now
  14. Maybe it's used as a help for spoilers as the mobs with low exp have useful materials, and it keeps the levels and interest in killing low for them
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