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  1. lol this guy is so funny. "you fail to mention the positive part of the game" which is? the daily quests? the dailies that are made just to unbalance the server even more? with those scrolls that don't even reward SP? so funny
  2. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    dude you are a joke investing more than 5$ in this game
  3. Ideas behind lowered adena rates?

    you are right, and probably that will happen yes.
  4. Ideas behind lowered adena rates?

    well in fact that is true, but botters and full cp's won't have this kind of issues since they have taken the 'fixed' drop/spoil areas. those botters and full cp's are the ones that own VIP 4 and are the ones that are getting all the attention but in fact, l2 store won't help, the only motivation for increasing rates is VIP 4 as increases drop rate which means something another thing its the way they intentionally made dwarves useless, so solo players can easily have hard times to manage their economy
  5. Ideas behind lowered adena rates?

    I guess they won't because they keep stating that they will fix and fix and fix... we just need to realize that the objective is to get you fast to high levels with low gear ( mainly new players and players from LIVE dont know how it was done in the old days ) and that will lead players to eventually spend real money. that is the whole point of this rates. but obviously they won't admit it
  6. Ideas behind lowered adena rates?

    imho I think these rates are intended. mainly when you see them changing the rates patters depending on areas. Area levels and area population are factors. If they wanted to make harder for people who does not pay they would for example divide ALL RATES (XP/SP/Adena/Quest/Spoil) by half or even by a third. Now, when you see them decreasing the adena/spoil rate a lot more than the EXP rate, and together they offer EXP in multiple ways and play with us saying that they will fix adena rates for more than 1 month its pretty obvious that all of this is intended and studied. They first 'fixed' low level rates. Then 'fixed' some areas at higher levels then they are looking at it, while lots of players are trying to get workarounds for these problem they created intentionally by spending real money. I must say, that NCSoft is a bleeping smart company. In almost two months they did what they wanted. they drained tons of thousands of dollars for a revenue ( curiously almost at the end of the year ) Then, sometimes, they come to the forum and post things like: 'We are aware of rate issues, I visited some areas and indeed is incorrect and its being reviewed' this is done sometimes to simply wash our eyes and give them more time to think about the next move. Trust me when I say that all of these 'issues' were intended.
  7. Beast Shots Are No Joke

    im sorry to say but mainly people that know how to role summoner will play the summoner as DD even yourself. you have masteries you can use dual/bow/dagger and use yourself SS if you need to help your pet kill mobs that its the way summoners were played 90% of the times
  8. How to Multibox ..

    I won't keep this conversation with you you win m8, XIGN is awesome and unbeatable AHAHAHAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. How to Multibox ..

    dude open your eyes there are thousands of way to control multiple clients and doesnt even has to be software related. if you go study XIGN or wth is called go check what it detects and how good it is lol
  10. Why you cry?!

  11. How to Multibox ..

    its not a violation to have an advantage against other people. this software is allowed as it not automate any action. there are multiple reasons why a player can have advantage due to others, and many of those reasons are not banable, even simple ones like a diff keyboard or mouse
  12. Support check the ban system

    you read all EULA?
  13. Many Many Issues

    this server is intended to work this way. you have a few hundreds of players forming big CP's. It has been told that there are 3 big alliances. Those 3 alliances are mainly VIP 4 and already farming in areas where adena is 'fixed'. In a few weeks what will be left on server will be those 3 alliances, bots and adena sellers. All farming areas will be taken and the alliances will be full. On higher levels farming will be unsustainable. Unfortunately servers like this p2w are intended to work like this. Then what you will have its sieges between those 3 big allies. That happened to other live servers and the way this server is made it will happen here. TI and Giran server will have probably ~500 ative players each , imho ofc Anyone with more opinions about server future? Cheers