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  1. 2h weapons always have more m.atk than one-handed. Its TOP D one-handed mage weapon. BTW: ITEM SOLD
  2. WTS for 2.5kk or WTT for Glaive. Link to the item: https://l2wiki.com/classic/Ancient_Reagent#Crafting%3A 100% Also, it seems like this item cannot be crafted or dropped from mobs. Unique one here Ingame: Monza
  3. WTB Winged Spear/War Pick - PM Monza
  4. I was talking about NEW Russian server called Lilith that was launched 1 day before NA.
  5. ^noob Any pvp oriented party will have at least one DA.
  6. Don't play Paladin or TK. CPs don't need tanks that has survivability. Classic is all about control (debufs). If you want to be useful in party pve/pvp pick DA. Pick SK only if you are planning to play for a long time and after future updates and tons of grind you will be rewarded (lvl 80 )
  7. Got some info from new Russian server. Rates are the same as on EU. P2p basis, about 5 dollars per month as I understand. No account limits. No auto macros. Now the fun part: they have starter pack for another 5 dollars with TOP D WEAPON INSIDE! And some kind if scroll tt let you wear D and C equip from lvl 1 without penalty. They also have same login issues. As I understand server is retarded 2 times a day to drop afk ppl.
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