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  1. if u gonna transfer characters from naia and chronos into the classic then i quit this game, and trust me u will lose the whole community that recently joined. i wont be dominated by old players in a new server, i also dominated naia server in the past but i would never ask for my character to be in the classic, is totally unfair.
  2. if they will transfer then the community will die, the point that people play it is cause its new, and if some late game players will appear and dominate the game then every1 will quit. make sense? good.
  3. as long as they dont merge the main servers with the new ones it will be good, if u give those people from the main servers their max level and gear then i seriously will think this is a bias game and no classic. i also had account in naia top character but i quit because the game got bored, the old one was much better, hard exp leveling etc. all of it was amazing adventure, now its only quests so its boring, better to keep it the way it used to be.
  4. pff if u merge the main servers with the new ones then im going to quit the game include all of my friends, and every player which started it. a fact,
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