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  1. Epic solution to botting

    man is as simple as disconnect the player that fails captcha but they do a stupid debuff and now with the change from 3 to 10 reports needed and bots farming in hidden empty places that for normal players are inefficient server is literally a welcome bots
  2. Adena ads

    nothing planned for this maintance so enjoy another week of nerfed rates and bots spam
  3. wat? in any healthy server there is a casual playerbase to find a farming group, here post 40 is dead because with this nerfed rates for future p2w content people rather reroll to keep farming in low lvl areas or just unistall the game
  4. game is losing ppl so fast, it's insane, you already can barely find party for 40+ content that isn't daily quest...
  5. Best weapon for a Swordsinger??

    most efficient solo PvE > 2hand blunt/sword + song of hunter, preferably blunt because there are more mobs weak to blunt party PvE doesn't really matter since you are there to tank or buff, most economic is cursed mainguche without ss PvP low level like right now > cursed mainguche, top C 1h sword/blunt or OE top D 1h sword/blunt and always shield at higher levels, for PvP the best will always be 1h sword/blunt and shield + secondary bow
  6. Huge lagg and d/c

    huge lag right now ig and forum, big delay and lag freeze then server dc w.t.f
  7. Make VIP 4 Worth it

    losing 2% XP per death plus ress recovery instead 4% post 50+ isn't important? think again kid how much exp you got saved after all your deaths, you know how hard is to xp 55+? +25% xp is nothing? while you leveled up a vip 0 player is still 75% plus losing 4% per death +50% drop? like are you kidding me? if drop rates are low for vip4 players can you guess how they are for vip0? this can even be considered P2W. silver coins even more w.t.f getting any material just for farm I could go on but you are just clueless.
  8. Make VIP 4 Worth it

    OFC what a coincidence
  9. Make VIP 4 Worth it

    get to level 50+ and tell me if vip4 doesn't worth again
  10. lmao pathetic, people asking for better adena, spoil and drop rates by paying. Someone might wonder why mmorpg genre is dying because of the p2w and becoming a cashgrab freemium genre, here you have it
  11. Mass ban is a new event?

    hahaha enjoy the ban noobs
  12. a class that doesn't spend money on shots and just stand up every 20 min to rebuff, ayy lmao, classic clueless cvnt
  13. tell me ur class to laugh a bit