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  1. i mean,those who write here about exploits,they dont enchant at all,i like enchanting,yes i burn a lot of stuff,thats my problem ,but i want +6 set and nice glowing weapon and ill get it
  2. 20kk and i made +7 bow on giran + 7 claymore burned around 4 top D and 3 shop D plus a lot of armors,if you ppls dont enchant,dont write here your theory . Here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1-xu2RYwe0 all your "Exploit" new russian classic server ,2 month old.
  3. i found an option for myself,now i leveling my twink. you must have 0 PK ,and.. just kill their summons,you will get karma but wont get PK so you wont drop anything,and they cant farm without summons but thats only for summoner ones.
  4. NCsoft bad in economy,ban VIP3/4 bot,he will pay another one eazzzyy money
  5. some update... that guy must be drinking a strong coffie,i went to sleep they were on spot,and now i came back and what i see.. we cant call him a bad name you know,we just will call him a pro player that drink a lot of coffie and runs 24/7 on some "afk auto macro" server Giran by the way.
  6. I farmed on spot with my twink spoiling,another dwarf came to spot and started kill mobs.. I said to him : leave the spot He answer : give me buffs and ill leave (he saw i had buffer on spot) I started to hit him,because,you know,why not? He said : ok wait here. he runaway to relog,but i still hit him,so he cant relog,he hit me back,die, and say : wait here Me thinking he will come with main bigger level or smthng like that (but his dwarf looked very poor,so i thought i dont need my main,and loged another bit bigger level twink) waiting.... waiting 5-10 min,and ... thats wha
  7. may I ask you admin,how you working on that? you know we have que problem because of that? let me give you some tips,make a simple character lvl1 is enough,login every day in game,teleport to all towns and ban adena sellers ,eaZZy ,im not even speaking about checking main locations with good spoil drop rates. And why you deleting people posts about BOTS with SCREENS ,we have right to post,because we PAY you ,and you do nothing about it because as many said,we come to same locations and see same bots with same names farming 24/7 for weeks and they dont afraid to get banned,why,simple,because NO
  8. just ban damn bots and make fishing over 30+ level or remove that free bait quest,from level 20 to 30 on locations 50% are BOTS 50%!!!!!!!
  9. ncsoft,i have an offer,make one x30 pvp server with all that epic donations and etc for those who cry about rates,everyone will be happy
  10. i love coments here,bad rates,2 days on server all raids stand not touched,none good clan killing raids,and you all cry about gear but but but,40ppl in ruins of despair near imp spawn afking is good learn to play,make clan /join clan,go kill RB get gear,i like rates that are now,its more interesting to play when you need to craft even NG gear.
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