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  1. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    The server cap is increased,but it won't fix the problem,Not yet. We definitely need a more stable solution @Hime. A good start would be dealing with all those bots lurking at spawns.
  2. Faction Mounts

    Hey,i wanted to ask if you can actually learn the skillbooks for faction mounts on your Dualclass or are they restricted to main class only?
  3. What enchanter to pick?

    Iss Sword Muse has highest atk spd/cst spd,although its quite easy to cap atk spd as iss spectral dancer aswell, basically: Iss SWM=mage party Iss SD=fighter party ISS DM=clan ISS DC=all round party ISS HP=desirable for PoM target
  4. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 7, 2018

    Delayed by another hour..wat?