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  1. Good afternoon we are not having the same rights because we are not able to log in the company says that it is doing everything else in the noa we are seeing it ne! We are not able to log in. We are going to have complaints if they can not give us a quality service, they do not offer the service. pq has many br still that like the l2 of rights for who wants to do the best Let's go talk and fight so we can get in the game. Am I trying to log in 3 days ago?
  2. see how the Brazilians are harmed veja como os brasileiros são prejudicados
  3. bem deixa eu entender eu logo uma conta e faço o loguinho tudo de novo de outra é isso well let me understand an account soon and log in again all over again is this
  4. once again I show that there are many players going through the same problem but I wanted to know if it will be solved in an emergency.
  5. Good morning to all the game is not only for who can pay but for those who with very difficult can play if the responsible ones saw that those who do not have like to purchase always more can make him leverage the donete because he has how he would purchase to stay quick stop and the others would grate and with that the server would be more competitive I'm coming from the pw of the level up I have cla and I'm coming to l2 because I like the l2 but I'm not having to log in fast it takes more than 40 min oh I think it will be worth donating here with these problems
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