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  1. c1 wasnt advertise like HARDCORE this one is so its harder
  2. took 2 weeks on my first ever l2 char to get 1st class transfer now 4 days playing booohooo me no top b gr or c whateva kids these days
  3. Wow... i realy hope you wrong cause than its not rlly that much people online -boxes, And not beeing able to deal with such an old game i thought they might be too much ppl... but this is scary now not rates THIS! 3k active players whom 70% crying since day 1 ... this is scary for l2
  4. where did you come up with this number - 5800 cap pop? actually was wondering how much ppl is allowed. cause i mean with 3x acc on its realy reaaaaly low... and not beeing able to deal with 14yo game, and such a low online number its... i realy hope u wrong...
  5. im not sure where you getting this info about the lvl of guards, but if they give us castles in 6 months thats probably apropriate lvl, if not it could be adjusted. Anyways if its in six months i think rates are right on the spot :). Btw first sieges in official servers was with d/c/b gr my dear cluefull, in any case nothing that you have sayd argues why it should be just added now? i mean its clans/ally choise they want to try it or not and also when they want to try it right? get it in your skull that these rates not ment for 3months play, what im pretty sure you are used to and thats
  6. if your clan reggistered to the siege you will lose 1% i think or smth like that. so me personaly i only play for sieges and fighting hopefully the stronger enemy pvp... meaning -1% wouldnt faze you much i guess but the change to economy even if 1 clan would get the castle + competition to keep it would be absolutely crazy
  7. well my friend you the clueless one and from how you express your thoughts i guess you pretty slow, but to be clear i play l2 since werry begginig thats like 14years i guess, these rates doesnt faze me at all, its allways the same game, same weapons, same classes, same things will happend, if you care about the race, you will strugle here, if you will enjoy crafting ng/ dgr, low quests, low farm loc, low pvp... thats how ppl started this game nothing new, kinda sentimental feeling, i literaly got msg this morning from a girl who gives 0 fs about these rates, with caption i literaly crying
  8. u got it right Mostly BFD, been all others exept kobra hope meet ya in game BTW NC should fix droping from game while you are in waiting que... "The client will be closed. Continue?"... this just pissing me off having to re enter the que 3-4 times be4 getting into the game.,
  9. yes 40+ with ng no problem, enjoy the game not the race, one thing i dont get why we allways have to wait for castle sieges for months and months, makes no sence. BTW WHEN ITS ONLINE AGAIN? caaaps
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