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  1. Hello, im looking for cp mostly at nights -3gmt zone. Busco cp , en lo posible a la noche, horario argentina o algun horario cercano. PM me to Vector
  2. dear fellow. The drop/adena/spoil rate will be x10 for 2 weeks, a compensation for our mistakes. Then the rates will drop to x1. have a nice dai
  3. c and d grade. btw, gratz bro. now comes the hard part of the game
  4. dont know if this a bug or if this go in bug section. The problem is that i got stuck in a hill around elven ruins. Any time that i want to move it goes black screen and then come back to the same location. I tried to use soe and unstuck, but it get cut cause of the black screen. move/soe/unstuck ------> some kind of flashy black screen------> my character get back in the same place. So, can a gm move my character to other location? PD: my character name is : Vector server: Gludio location: in a hill near elven ruins. pd2: sorry for my bad engl
  5. its not like the server is heavy cause of ppl playing, real ppl playing. But because bots and multiboxs and fishings and afks are log in in the game. So its not full in reality.
  6. with no vips, to be 21 its around 2 or 3 days .
  7. no, it isnt. I have my orc shaman lvl21 in Talkin server. I dont wanna start the same repetitive process to get the same lvl in Aden server. As many here, i started the first day of the launch in TI
  8. the problem are not the non vip, are the fishing ones and adena sellers and afks
  9. 1week of no playing the game cause of the queue. I created an elf in giran, queue . i give up, i dont wanna go to aden server to create another character just i cant play in the server that i played in the first day of the game(classic)
  10. Guys tell me a fun class to create in Aden server, cause in TI i give up trying to log in
  11. really , i have to move to aden and leave my 25lvl character in TI?
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