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  1. I'm thinking that last 50 bucks I spent to get vip 4... is the last you are going to see for a while, you want to put things in market for Black Friday, I understand that and approve, of course, it's the biggest shopping day of the year! We love to waste our money on bling to show off a little, and enjoy ourselves in game, but you have to do something... many players are thinking it is pointless to keep playing here because you can go to a pri vate (not sure why your chat filter is so touchy) server and spend money on that bling and has their system working great, so why is this so hard?.. I u
  2. saw that somewhere too... don't have time to look for it though, have a interview with UPS in a hour
  3. Fail comeback but you tried, that's what really matters here!
  4. I bet you think the pound sign is really named "hashtag" too ...
  5. Laughing why? Because I know how the game is suppose to be played? Cool story bro ^^
  6. Okay, lets go back to 2004 ... where it took a month to get level 31 at 12 hours gameplay a day, where the teleport just to get out of Talking Island was 15,000 adena, so you took the boat over... or you took a swim, in other words all you new people who don't understand the real way lineage 2 was play.... quit complaining!! It's a re-hash, but with modernized help... I say take all the "help" away, make it only 1 character per account again, and play the way it was played at the start... then it wouldn't be so hard to find a specific type of character to join parties, and people would actuall
  7. I'm betting a extra hour delay like usual ... who wants to take that bet??
  8. lol I don't understand why people always complain when a game has a store... who cares, don't like it, don't use it... it's just a option to use it, quit complaining... move it off your screen, and you won't have to see it... play free and enjoy, let us suckers who don't mind paying a few bucks for this, instead of a cable television bill which is 5 times more expensive enjoy ourselves with our flashy items ... k thanks!! ^^
  9. What about the mobs not giving much exp in dion? Any change on that or no?
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