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  1. Bad ideology! What you say is basically 500 people tries to login on a full server, and at the same time, no one from the full server actually log off ? Well, people do log off. I never left my chars afk ( fishing , shop etc , yet ) and I bet a lot more people do the same. Also, real life things to do and people just closes the client, computer unexpected restart, no power etc.
  2. That's a lie! Of course, unintentional one. They delete your character if you want to transfer all your Launch Pack items from one server to another. Here is a different story!
  3. Miracle at the Midnight - Wake up, in the middle of the night when servers are less full , make a character , pay Vip1 and voila!
  4. No, of course not! But yeah! I would want my spoil message to have a different color
  5. Did you missed the 12 hours part? Within that time, I think almost everywhere you can get the same output !
  6. Would be better if you could say your .. level maybe?
  7. ..................no! learn to read!
  8. You are surely wrong. This is not your private server you are used with
  9. Dude! Really. Is .. more then enough ( as of now ) the spoil rates. Yes, maybe they are not = to the ones from Innova, but they are damn better then the ones WE HAD!! We can make another "revolution" after one month, so they can increase the rates even more , but until then .. we good! Really , we good!
  10. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/3275-vip4-drop-in-group/?do=findComment&comment=41650
  11. Adena is not counted as "Item Drop" ( aka mats - parts - etc ). Where have you been living? As someone else said, is divided. It was already explained by Juji I believe. So if one from a 2 players party has VIP4 with 50% item drop increase but the other has VIP0, that means item drop rate will be 25%. 4 Players in a party , 1 VIP4 - 3 VIP0 = 12.5% Item drop rate increase!
  12. And some "PRO's" wanted to live in the old rates poverty , lol! But hey, they want to take it "slow"
  13. I saw that lower mobs gives more Adena, but later on , they give as much as they say on l2wiki, or a bit less
  14. Delusion much? I HAVE a dwarf - spoiler - , but what exactly could I sell with the old rates as I got nothing from spoil, let alone drops. Geez you people!
  15. You two, are serious ?! To much ? I am in Cruma Marshalls and they give 150+ Adena. Rates ARE normal now!!
  16. Yes we do! But of course, not like the negative ones. Seems normal @OP Indeed, thanks NcSoft, @Hime and Co for..taking the heat and fix this ! Much appreciated it
  17. Everything is fine people Love the Adena AND my Spoiler
  18. First kill = 126 ADENA on Bats in Ruins of Despair Lovely !!!
  19. Well then! Spanish people should know that "ene" in this server means "enie" Problem solved !
  20. Hopefully, no need after the servers are live
  21. What did you just smoke ? Even Adena sellers are poor. Thousands? With Thousands of $ you can actually buy every Adena from every player in the game lol! So yea! Stop smoking!
  22. Whats the difference between Ñ & N ? Serious question
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