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  1. well i will get some boxer.. so tyrant and destro is good for pvp and pve yes?
  2. tes hecgets that skill. so warlord is ok too? well i think i will have to get boxer.. ok so what melee class to pick if i will have boxer..?
  3. well i was thinkin about destroyer or tyrant but some guys said that warlord is kind of better. what about gladiator? i have read that they have good damage but are kind of weak..
  4. hey. i can’t decide what class to pick as my main. i want melee class that i could play moatly solo. now i am lvling warlord but i’m short of money so i created dwarf to get some money first. but as i can see warlords are nor suited for solo play.. was thinking about a dager class but i think they are kind of useless and it is hard to lvl it on low lvls because of - accurasy on daggers. so i just wanna play some simple melee class that could stay in fight for some time and not sit every 2 mobs.. any advice? p.s. i am not going to box because i mostly play few hours per day. and i dont like mag
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