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  1. Thanks for the reply, I figured that much because the other day I started a character in Euro servers and I reached 90 in like an hour or even less, I'll have that in mind and start to do some stuff to level up
  2. Hi I've ceased to play lineage for a couple of years (I remember it was Helios Chronicle). Now I'd like to come back to the game in the official server where I have an Iss Hierophant lvl 101, I'm only able to play at night in the GMT-4 timezone (CLT time). My character name is Taurustar, you can mail me there or wisp me in case that I'm online (also this thread might be good as well) Regards
  3. Undead on mobs 2 times (sometimes you get critical so you can kill them with 2 strikes) then I start to hit with my sword, I have a shield so that helps a little with the defense, my jewelry is bad so I need to take care of Magic attacks, but if they don't cast the magic I could kill them easily... I did like 3% in 30 minutes only killing crawlers and strains doing some resting in the middle of my leveleing... you will get hit for sure and lose some HP but with heal skill or self heal skill you will spend like 100MP per mob but with the MP recovery is easy to recover if you are in a
  4. I did too, I went to Light armor after that and I notice that fact, I don't run out of mana very often but buffing a party is quite complicated... Honestly casting speed is just a bit lower (well the tunic that you get in the first levels has a 25% more casting speed so that's why I noticed more the difference) but now I can kill and wait for less to recover my MP (MP regen is way higher than when I used robe) At the moment I'm with a NG Sword (Crucifix of Blessing) and I can kill easily in execution grounds.
  5. LOL So after all the Ertheia player was real (I thought someone was trolling)... Anyway I see the servers are down after being online like an hour ago
  6. Hi I'm going to be a Prophet at level 40 but now at 25, I need to decide the D-grade Armor of the Blue Moon Quest. I really have a big question about how does the Spellcraft passive (better cast speed if robe equipped and less cast speed if no robes equipped) vs Light Armor Mastery (91% cast Speed increase + 20% MP Recovery) be in effectivity. I remember in the past I used the robes until level 40 then I changed to heavy (Since PP doesn't have any attack spell except here where they added an attack skill), but here I need to think in all possibilities. Which one should I use? Light o
  7. So finally after 2 hours and 15 minutes I've been able to log in without problems...
  8. I had a 380 Players queue... 2 hours and 70 left...
  9. even if that is so... afker and botters pay to try to avoid the kick/ban... even with that in mind, they should allow more in order to get more money for them... But let's think NC works as a community and even they should allow more space to bring more people... PS: I've been waiting for a list of 380 players.. after 1.5 hours I'm at 108... I guess we made another problem solving this one...
  10. I guess you should consider opening more servers due to current high demand
  11. Well yea, you got a point... they are human, makes mistakes, have life, wives, families, etc Is just this issue is making us not been able to play... This is even much more critical than the fix that they did with adena drops, we are not been able to play unless of course, the servers are with "Normal" state (Which only happens in Giran and Aden, and just sometimes)... Some people are been trying the whole morning doing this, I've been trying for like an hour... I know they are humans, they can't do anything by magic, but this kind of issue should have been a high priority since day 1 (w
  12. Uhmm I guess they won't be allowing character transfer really soon... Probably most of the servers are full of people, it will take a while to see the character transfer in Classic...
  13. I managed to log in after waiting for the queue (2 times I had to wait for more than 550 players to log in)... I guess the lineage assume the waiting time as "inactivity" so he assumes that you are afk and then ask to close the client (Same thing if you do that on purpose, it will disconnect you). I did a basic trick of making random clicks on the screen while I was waiting in short interval periods (like 1 minute for each click)... that's why I was able to join... I just share my experience with this issue, I hope NCSoft solves most of the problems of this Classic Server thing.
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