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  1. IF you cant afford $1 to be even VIP 1, you should spend less time playing games, and more time making money, learning a trade, something.
  2. Well, perhaps because I am on Aden server, I have never experienced a queue. When I first started, I thought "Hmmm... I will join the server with players and better timezone"... I saw the queue and said "NOPE!" and began on the new server.
  3. Paying customers do not have queues, if I am not mistaken! And at only 80 NCoin spent to be VIP 1, people need to quit QQing. About rates, about queues, about everything. What do you think HARDCORE means?
  4. Dominance - Aden Server

    Dominance is recruiting! Requirements: 18 years of age or older. Level 30+ Must use discord. Must speak english. Must not be a carebear (we stand our ground, always) I am an old school L2 player from Gustin. Come join us and have some fun. We play daily, grind, farm, help gear the clan (but we aren't handing out free stuff) Contact TheSpoiler in game with questions.