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  1. They started to leave people from the server where I play that is Aden and were people who paid VIP, because of the question that the rate of drop adena is ridiculous, now, if you charge me teleport is fine but raise the drop rate of adena brother, this is going to die in a few months more like that, and the profit of your VIP is also going to vanish, so think about it well loved and great NCsoft thinkers who did not always have two fingers to do things with so many good mmorpg going around, well if you want 500 user and they are only vip and live boots in the perfect server but think big and long term NC: /
  2. Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue

    Are you a lie NCSOFT, f2p? This is america brother, this is not Ncsoft Europe, not here, here in america with so many good MMOs! are good F2P you will not compete, with this system of "" VIP "" "the only thing you will achieve is that in 90 days there are only about 100 people left vs Brazilians forgive us USA vs Brazil to pay for your VIP system, then the rest of South Americans will not stay much longer, and I will not invest money in a payment system that neither WOW or other MMOs with millions of people online have that cup to even be able to log WTF, "YOU WERE AN NCSOFT LIE" as you always were. with all respect but your L2classic does not have much life, if you have a lot of life, sorry, for 50 mentally retarded as always. Goodbye and good luck.