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  1. Item drop from monsters

    Thx for the advice. It kinda kills the game I used to know, in 2 hours i got lvl 40. It was more fun and thrilling to level up slowly, getting, trading or selling items. Well thx again tace care
  2. Item drop from monsters

    I'm lvl 20 and i fighting lvl 24, I'm trying to get the d soulshot recipe. been farming (Maille Lizardman Guard, Ol Mahum Shooter Turek War Hound ) for about 1 hour and only got some adenas and lots of bottles
  3. Item drop from monsters

    Hi there. Last time I played L2 was in 2008. I started to play it again for the old times, but I found that monsters don't drop items anymore, just some bottles of mana and hp. Is this normal? if so how do scavengers collect items for the artisans to make gear or weapons?