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  1. How about Europe?? Do you know how many players are playing in Europe? We won't get the savior's pack even if we registered for it?
  2. I've got pk yesterday at forgotten temple 1 bot and I went from 1500 karma to 0 while leveling up. Lots of bots passed next to me. I was there 2 hours with karma and no one touched me. You know why? This is a bot server. Since you aren't a mob no one will touch you. That's so sad for an official server.
  3. That's a lot of hard work for them to actually do it. You can tell even by the events they are making. No creativity, profit always comes first (like the new event that you need to pay for baits ROFL). As simple as it can get and they still make money. Why bother further?
  4. yeah but it doesn't merge all my tickets, that's the problem. It shows only the tickets from a specific account. There are a couple of tickets that missing from there!!!
  5. I have a problem to access my submitted tickets. It keeps shows me tickets from another account while I'm online with a different account! Anyone having same issues? Is there a way to fix this? I logged off and logged in with different emails several times. It keeps showing me the same tickets. I've even tried to search the ticket I wanted with the request number and it says that it doesn't exist, but in my email, I can have access there!! Any gm available? @Juji@Hime
  6. You can't name your character with the same name even if the account who uses it is banned. Banned means locked, Not deleted.
  7. Request #23230888 Request #23237090 I've lost my cool in the last ticket. You will understand what I mean. Request #23243374
  8. Man, really I've tried to read your responses many times. It doesn't make any sense. Sorry
  9. Let me tell you a story. I have made 3 tickets to report a player that spams in shouts in Giran. He sells from Adena to whole characters to whatever you want If you have the money. The first ticket was 15 days ago. They replied to me: " Thank you for reporting this incident. We understand that their behavior can be frustrating and we appreciate your patience, as these investigations take time. After we investigate the matter we will take appropriate action, based on our findings. However, please understand that privacy concerns prevent us from discussing our methods or the
  10. I left a buy shop in Giran. Please, someone, sell me! Search for a shop with keyword "conjuror"
  11. I have done multiple shouts to buy 5 conjuror heads and right now missing one. I can't believe that a whole server doesn't have 1! Please sell me!!!
  12. I have already made a ticket to report an Adena seller with screenshots of his shouts that sells everything. From l2 currency to whole accounts. That happened last week. Guess what, he is still online selling and making money. Someone doesn't do his job properly it seems.
  13. Guys the server is online? I can't get past the server window no matter how many times I pressed ok.
  14. Is the server already up? Because my launcher asked for an update and then when I logged in the client was forcing me to close it.
  15. Just keep sending emails and pressure them. Don't give up!
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