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  1. WTB 1 Conjuror Head!!! Giran server

    I left a buy shop in Giran. Please, someone, sell me! Search for a shop with keyword "conjuror"
  2. I have done multiple shouts to buy 5 conjuror heads and right now missing one. I can't believe that a whole server doesn't have 1! Please sell me!!!
  3. Why Lineage Loss People

    I have already made a ticket to report an Adena seller with screenshots of his shouts that sells everything. From l2 currency to whole accounts. That happened last week. Guess what, he is still online selling and making money. Someone doesn't do his job properly it seems.
  4. Guys the server is online? I can't get past the server window no matter how many times I pressed ok.
  5. Is the server already up? Because my launcher asked for an update and then when I logged in the client was forcing me to close it.
  6. Just keep sending emails and pressure them. Don't give up!
  7. Best mage class to farm adena lvl 20-40

    If you have full buffs with acumen+zerg+empower+recharge d.elf is the best choice I think. You can actually one-shot many mobs due to his overhit or even 2 spells.
  8. Banned Accounts?

    that s#cks man..I was somehow lucky in that matter because I hadn't spent my coins to get a rune
  9. Banned Accounts?

    I finally overturned my banned account to a final warning. Keep spamming them with emails to prove your innocence. I've got banned 26/12/2018 and they unbanned me 2/1/2019 after countless emails and tickets! Keep trying! Don't give up! That's my advice! Somehow I've made it. You might make it too, who knows?
  10. I think that you will get a confirmation in like 12 hours from the time you have purchased them. After the confirmation in maybe 5-10 mins, you will also receive the coins in your account as well.
  11. Hello Guys I'm updating my situation. Finally, after 3 tickets and over 15 emails trying to prove my innocence, they overturned my permanent banned account to a final warning. The hilarious moment is when they actually give you a warning for something you have never done in the first place. I've asked for their guidance if there is a safe path on how to play lineage with 3 clients open for example and not any automated software to interfere with l2 client or even abused it to be seen somehow by their security check. I've sent them a list of the programs I use and the version of my Windows. And guess what. There is no such thing. So basically its just a matter of time to be banned again. Since their security system sees ghosts and fairies and you can get banned just like that. Today another friend of mine that plays 2-3 times in a week, because he plays also WoW, has got banned with no excuse as well. He plays solo with one client and today he found his account locked for suspicious activity. And he asked me. Why the hell should I have even bothered to send emails and get unbanned? In Wow that situation would have never happened.
  12. I can't understand anything. This game is 15 years old till now and lineage 2 classic is still full of bugs! Even the simple ones where you try to heal a target who's in front of you and the client responds "can not see the target"! So. If the game has so many bugs why can't be the case that XIGNGIN is not also bugged as well? The program sees ghosts. It crashed my client with a lockdown without EVEN asking me to input CAPTCHA! Simply as that, you are blamed without ever done anything. They don't explain to you the reason you've got banned and then your request gets muted so conveniently with the last email they've sent me. MAN, I CAN'T ACCEPT that I WAS BANNED INSIDE A CITY DOING A CLASS QUEST. THIS IS BEYOND ME. AND NO EXPLANATIONS. I HAD 4K NC coins in there, I want at least from them to move my coins to other accounts. Request No #23225661
  13. I read all your comments carefully and I want to say that I've got banned in 1 account out of 4 I have total. The Game NEVER asked me to input CAPTCHA! How the hell I've got banned? I asked for double checking for all my 4 accounts and they were free to ban and the rest if they have found a clue. They denied just by saying that they don't have the time to do investigations etc. I just want a fair judgment. Banning someone and not explaining him at least what he did wrong is not a professional way for a game company. I hope for you people not to be found in my place. Not violated any rules. I was just boxing. It is legal and many players are boxing. I lvled up all my characters manually. I can't simply stand a ban just because!
  14. Maybe the mistake was that I reported a couple of bots I found in plains of Dion while doing the quest and I messed up their business.
  15. They keep deleting my posts but I will keep posting to prove that I'm innocent. I've got randomly banned on Wednesday (26/12) on my dwarf while I was doing class Quest 35. While I was in Gludin Village to deliver the Q items on the NPC the client crashed and I've got banned. I followed the procedure to send email on appeal@ncsoft.com and they replied me only with automatic messages that I've got banned for using third-party programs. I have 4 accounts. While I got banned I was online with 3 boxes. 2 shops 1 dwarf playing. The dwarf got banned during the quest the other clients remained online. So.. How I'm getting banned for bot programs and I don't get banned to all my accounts? I assume that something triggered the XIN program, but why the other 2 clients remained online? I'm not using clickers or any mouse software. I invited them to do IP checks to all my accounts and if they have found any clues of botting they were free to ban and my other 3 accounts They didn't even explain to me the reasons for this ban, no evidence no nothing. I sent them emails to tell me the real reason for my banned account since I haven't used any suspicious programs and they keep ignoring me!!! I've got only general replies of GMs that they claim of a thorough search but nothing specific! If you care for your game community as a game company you have to give explanations at least for the bans in order for the players to have the opportunity to reform their actions! If you don't know why you got banned how you will manage not to make it happen again in the future?? Gaming should be a joy and not a constant fear of getting banned randomly. I'm adding screenshots of the emails I received, so you can actually see that they did respond to me that any new emails about my case will be ignored!!