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  1. I usually do like 80kk+
  2. They can't stop the bots cause their programs only detect free versions of the bot programs so if you are smart enough then stop complaining and enjoy the good part of the game try to be positive and not toxic like most people here
  3. Stop! ✋

    You need to relax, I know way too many people who buy adenas from sites to equip themselves, you are being too dramatic over p2w content I suggest you buy this dragon pendant with adenas from those that donated for the server and stop the drama already I'm tired of replying to drama Queens
  4. Don't add this event me and my cp are planning to leave if you do
  5. (Giran) International archer cp

    Recruitment closed
  6. (Giran) International archer cp

    Looking for EE 48+ BP 48 + Wc 48+ Sws 48+ Archer 50+ Pm in game or here
  7. (Giran) International archer cp

    Looking for EE BP Pm here or in game lvl 48+
  8. (Giran) International archer cp

    Need Ee Bp Archer
  9. (Giran) International archer cp

    Lvl required is 48+
  10. Hello We are interested cp from clan Reborn If you are active during 19:00-00:00 then you Should pm me at discord xensan#5695 We are looking for Bp Bd Wc EE Archer
  11. Lineage 2 classic luncher

    Problem solved by reinstalling client
  12. Lineage 2 classic luncher

    I'm reinstalling client
  13. Lineage 2 classic luncher

    Reply to my ticket maybe? Should I quit playing? Am I banned? Is a file missing from my system? Where are the admins, why no reply?
  14. Lineage 2 classic luncher

    Solution please?
  15. Lineage 2 classic luncher

    Hello, I have an issue this morning I turn on my pc click the lineage 2 classic lunches, user/pass I press log in then play and it doesn't log in. Anyone else having this issue?