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  1. Quest items with AOE skill

    Hello, On many quests (e.g. Abyss 40+ daily) you only get one quest item if you kill multiple mobs at the same time with one skill. This is really painful when playing e.g. WL and not being able to kill quest monsters with my skills. Please look into this. Thanks.
  2. Quest items with AOE skill

    Any feedback on this?
  3. Delays

    We're experience heavy lag spikes today, what's happening and what are you doing about it?
  4. Delays

    Dude this is classic, gotta play hardcore even if it lags ;>
  5. Delays

    yeah... died twice now due to fkn 7-10 second spikes...
  6. WTB Craft/Recipe for Glaive

    Have craft or recipe for Glaive? I'll buy it. IGN: PleXu
  7. WTB Glaive Edges

    Bump! Now buying for 66k.
  8. WTB Glaive Edges

    50k each IGN: Plexu
  9. Why has no queue?

    Do us a favour, move to Aden instead
  10. Lol I bought NCoins but can't even log in to spend 'em and become vip QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ