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  1. Please @Juji @Hime check this impossible to play soulshot activated, but dont use
  2. 12 hours and I'm still waiting in line, a Saturday where you want to play all day is not possible what motivation you have to buy a vip on the server? this has to be solved only are losing players and increasingly dissatisfied with the decisions taken, the basics everyone wants to enter the server and to be able to play if they are happy will spend money surely, now you can not log in because it is always full, take the fishing , increase the limit of players to take risks, this is my suggestion more solve the problem grateful for the attention
  3. 50 minutes in the queue and disconect, have you thought about deactivating server fishing until you solve the problems? it would be a temporary solution but they would all go well
  4. and the possibility of opening a new server with similar timetable of the talking to try to open the queues, or disable the fishing systems?
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