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  1. More DC than bots

    No attendance for today, the Drop connection chance is higher than adena drop rate.
  2. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 3, 2019

    Does this include droptable and droprate alignment with other official servers? After all how to play this game without knowing where and how much will drop ?????? @Hime
  3. 80kk xp in two minutes on RB....

    I am not liking to play this game... THIS NA SERVER IS THE HARDEST ONE!!!! I am not here to spend my life to lvl up and get my gear. I had a expirience on JP, EU. A BETTER ONE, i am here only beside of language and latency. I had vip 7, drop any book in one day farming with +300% drop rate, and if you compare to this ***** drop rate here, I think JP drop rate can be 4 times or more than here. THE UNIQUE thing that saved my life here is my Fire Pendant lvl 5 +10. Okay, I work, I like to spend my lifetime with work, if I take one hour of my work to Lineage 2, I will lose a lot of money. SO in 2019 does not make any sense a hardcore game, that probably throw your life into garbage one. Also NA server, does not change the P2W method, make the game easier is a option too, I am missing the H5 bosses, that only one Party (9 players) are able to kill a boss. Or I will recover all my money and move to another one.
  4. I got disconnect when my characters was fishing, so tried to reconnect these 3 accounts, on the last one, my first account got DC already. And now I am playing Starcraft 2 with 13ms and 0% packet loss using fiber connection... Well, so it is not fixed.
  5. Giran - crashing today?

    I can login normally but it disconnect every 15 mins, over all accounts. (3)

    3.5m Pm/Mail LongbowmanElite
  7. ActionHouse

    Thanks, this is my real idea, each level of vip have a specific number of slots to sell. Also where is the suggestions section?
  8. LOL, how someone dare to complain about PW2 Pendant, even using BOTS, LMAO. I hope on next l2 version we got another way to get them, like in another official servers that are couple of expansions ahead, also anyone is sure if any of them never sold these kind of item in any period?
  9. ActionHouse

    How many players are spending electricity, only to buy or sell items ... Maybe an system of ActionHouse for vip players? A lot of free players will spend to reach vip one at least. Following a logic that money what goes to in electricity can be spent for vip instead. You are losing money to the energy-generating companies and losing the opportunity. I wish this kind of game should be blocked by some countries, because of wasting natural resources, adding the situation of addiction and dependence. @Juji
  10. Cya guys, when I be tired of clan wars, u will be trying to get your B grade. I was no asking for droprate for free, but I can afford for VIP 20 if you want. Also I think VIP 7 is more than enough.
  11. Drop info

    We already know this server is nothing like EU database, so where is US database? Even illegal servers are doing better than NCSoft, which you press SHIFT on MOB, and see drop tables inside the game at realtime calculation based if you are vip or not, I only want to know what are drop chances, and if I pay vip 4, I will have the same chances from EU or not!
  12. Box Alert

    Ok, I have no problem when allow players to have a box, but the client can easily detect which account is a box, it should mark the player as a box if he open a second account... So I can allow or not boxes on my party. Place this info ahead of character name, and some people will stop to ask if you are or not a box. One solution simple like that will increase our game experience with others players.
  13. For me its look sick, but in Cruma tower, if you walk close and any wall, the possibility to aggressive mobs appears from nowhere is high. @Hime , it is not a bug?
  14. The fact is, they dont increase the player number because of rules or money, not matter what you want, they will think by themselves. And this can even unbalance the farm... Also I am a kind of guy that recommend that, no worth pay a 5k dollar for a medium programmer to do a common job, if I can do everything that is possible for 15k. I am thinking about a microsoft security manager saying to everybody what he is and did, so your mod dont make any sense.
  15. What? Man I have master degree... And here are my skills: Asp.net Core 2.0 Cloud AWS Cloud Azure Unity 3d Xamarin Zabbix So, please don't talk what you do not know.