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  1. Aden and Gludio merge

    its a nice idea, but i hate the idea of being agree whit a damm boter. aniway, its a nice idea and needed
  2. enough, this go pretty far, u cant put this p2w items, NCSoft you promise any store item never gonna be p2w, just visuals said... (besides tehre is xp runes and pk scrolls) you should reconsider this and hear the players, we want a clean game, dont make it eventually lige the live server, we come ehre for a clean L2 classic fair for all!
  3. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    im needing this answers too please... well, i try whit the WTFast and works well, but that will work for 3 days because its a paid thing u know... also i can try whit a VPN but dont wanna get banned for beign using other Countrys IPs.... 4 days now meanwhile i cant play... do something please......!!!!!!!!!
  4. Can't get past server selection

    2 days since i cannt login.... any help whit this?
  5. Yellow Talismans Questions

    mmmmm good! that information is very usefull! Thank you for reply and clearm e some things!
  6. 40 + scene

    as Overlord level 46 i can say its pretty hard, well, is not hard to do the daily things like Aligator island and Forest of Mirrors, you can find partys and do it fine, also Aden Dungeons can be done in some time, but... the fact is doing dungeon is incredible a spend of Soulshots (like 2k SS per day just in dungeons, and i cant do it whiout SS cuz i will die or take the double time to make it. and whit the adena issue this is even worst, i have to spend like 5 hours in all this things that just make spend SS, and then farm alone in ivory much more hours just to recover the losses and aford the SS lost farming there, ivory is the only one place where i can farm alone to do it because can kill mobs in 6-10 hits and adena (if drops..) around 120-300 per mob, i have tried all solo hunting areas of this level and this is the only one that works, others areas give less adena and mobs are much harder, its supose to give more adena if mobs are stronger but no, its ridiculous (for exxample, solo hunting outside Hunters Village give around 80-200 adena and need to do more hist on mobs, so when a few dont drop adena i keep going on default, even if all drops cannot grow the initial adena spend on Soulshots before start, or take much longer time than ivory tower where are much more easy to kill... lol For now all i can do is keep my lvl 46 doing dailys praying to get some good thing from rewards to give a Hit, if i level then not gonna have where to hunt alone, and i dont wanna know next week when have to pay Gatekeepers to teleport, thats gonna be inafordable or need 4-6 more painful hours of farm per day to get the numbers, conclusion need like 12 daily hours playing just to do not going in default, awesome... but not all can play whole day... too much effort for nothing.
  7. Yellow Talismans Questions

    Hi there mates! here is a concern about how this Yellow Talisman - P. Def. or any other works... This Talismans have 60/60 Charges, can be refilled? (gues not) how it supose to works? i see that if you equip it, then 1 charge is taking from total, same if you take it off and put it again ,every time 1 charge is missing. Besides, if you logout, or get dcied and reconnect, 1 charge is used again... (WTF... this is a bug i think?). what others circunstances take charges from Talismans? this is the one i got https://l2wiki.com/classic/Yellow_Talisman_-_P._Def. Tkx for answers and help about this things, have a great day people! hugs!