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  1. because of people like you they DONT GIVE A FUK . they cant deny you to get a and use a product that you paid for and not being able to get ur money back . belive me I will put you screens as soon as I get my money back as Monday I will go to bank and start the chargeback on ncsoft scammers
  2. It must be within 120 days of your purchase or payment for service.
  3. welcome to the club . if u donated via paypal go now and claim back ur money in a dispute . 100% u will get ur money back . if u paid by card like me … go to ur bank explain u paid for some goods that u didn't got the chance to use and tell ethem to start the It's called 'chargeback' and means if you don't receive the goods you bought, you may be able to get your money back.
  4. @Hime @Juji are you guys planning to do something about it or you plan carry on be ignorant/.
  5. Can somebody start to give a bleep and help me get some answer ? 5 days past wtf give me my fuking money back if u cant be bother to answer
  6. well I guess I will have the be the first one ever who will try take legal actions against this abuse if is not sorted by Monday morning … and I will want to be compensated aswell NCWEST YOU ARE A DISGUSTED GREEDY FILTHY COMPANY !!! YOU ARE A DISGRACE FOR THIS COMMUNITY !!!
  7. And how its called the fact that they stop me to play without any explanation in 4 days already and I paid on their business 200$ ??? as you could see I posted print from emails and clearly show no response whatsoever from them ??? @Hime btw im still waiting for an answer as I didn't get any yet
  8. @Hime so am I getting an answer or what is going on as is 04:31 AM ….
  9. @Hime so ???? if u wish I can let you log on both emails and show me
  10. @Hime where is the RESPONSE ? https://imgur.com/a/135Ln1K SPAM EMPTY !!!
  11. have a look yourself … ALL MAILS https://imgur.com/a/Wk7ppru
  12. nop bouth automatic messages are in inbox
  13. No response give or any question asked can put screen with email . nothing in inbox or spam