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  1. This is my last post here, so keep writing nonsense if you want, because i wont be reading them. Im not crying, just stating what i think are the things that ruined the server, because its ruined. I said it since the start of the server it was going to die, and its dying, very fast. Im vip 2 with my 3 chars so i guess im what you call a do.nator (? maybe you are trolls, or maybe you are very ignorants about this game. I choose the latest. I was refering to ppl that buys adena from botters and such, and there is a lot of ppl doing it. That impacts the server inflating prices of i
  2. I enjoyed my time in the server with over 150 pvps but im quitting. This event aimed for don.ators was it. Not the main reason why i quit the game though. Way too many bots ingame that takes over a month for them to get ban (if they are ban at all), way too many ppl buying adena (no one cares whats illegal and what not). I have known ppl that is over lvl 65 and when i asked them how many adena they make hunting they literally told me "i dont know mate, i buy all the adena i use". Too many noob people with b gear either because they bought the adena or because they are part of the al
  3. so you start a event that requires you to be afk fishing instead of farming.. nice, very nice PD:not nice at all
  4. and bad spelling. Im happy that the language barrier allowed him to express his dissatisfaction lol
  5. Then how come you have full pts of bots farming for weeks even after being reported in cruma, cave of trials, forgotten temple, wastelands, ant nest, and many other places... Let me guess, they log for 30 minutes before going to lunch break.. I mean, you say there is ppl from ncsoft "connecting" into the game checking bots and such but if you log into the game and go into the areas i just mentioned you see entire pts of bots that has been there for WEEKS, a 12 years old kid would do a better job than those gms you claim connect into the game @Hime
  6. 11 days since i reported that 9 char pt in cruma (still farming nonstop there, i just checked) and i need to keep sending replys to the ticket or it gets closed during the "investigation"
  7. Each time i create a ticket in the support with screenshots and videos of ppl botting, i assumed they were being ban, now im not sure. 9 days ago i reported a 9 player party botting in cruma in the third floor. It has been day and night for 24 hours botting all day long without stopping. I reported him multiple times along the days, its too damn obvious that pt of 9 characters are bots, each time i added screens and video recieved the replys "thanks for reporting, we will look into it" "thanks for your contribution to make the server a better place for players" etc etc. But the pt of
  8. I think people got too much used of events and weekends with boosted exp, because now that you have none (we still have the attendance check) i feel like no one wants to go grind. Im a no-lifer who is used to grind from morning till night and now i dont even want to log for more of 3, 4 hours per day. We are so spoiled btw, no words from the gms to us about anything these last weeks. Okey, holydays i get it but as a no-lifer like i am enought time has passed for you to party, get wasted, etc. Now can we please just KEEP PLAYING. thanks thats all i wanted to say, have a nice d
  9. dont be silly, i dont farm in ant nest anymore, im lvl too high
  10. get up, go to the bath, make a coffe, log in my 3 chars, kill the bots botting in my spot pulling a train on them (feels good to see the poor bots trying to kill a train of +8 mobs), watch them die, farm nonstop all day, unlog, go to sleep, go back to the start.
  11. WOW, someone is more grumpy than me. I nevver said i cant farm, read my thread. I can farm just fine, ppl using bots must know that they going to die very fast if they enter popular farming spots. one stun here, one stun there and byebye bots. They leave the bots in spots not very populars, i created the post because ppl botting are leaving low lvl zones to farm in high lvl zones. Its getting ridiculous how it takes two weeks to ban botters (if they are even banned)
  12. I have already identified 3 entire pts of bots. One in the entrance at all times, the others two change location inside ant nest from time to time (yesterday in the bridge of ant nest i saw a SE healing for 2 entire hours a dead character). Already made report on the 3 pts but still man, they have been botting for days, how many millions will they make before they actually get banned? Would like to know where are the gms ingame that they dont even control the most popular zones of farming.
  13. I have my computer connected to the internet modem, not via wifi.
  14. One friend started to experience packet loss ingame yesterday. The weird thing is that with his warlord he had 10 seconds delay or even more, while with his shillien elder alt he had 0 delay or packet loss. Today he still had that problem, but now also with his SE. Another friend started to have the very same problem. And now i also have the same problem. What is going on with the servers? we are all from argentina. And no, our internet isnt the problem, we can play any other online game with 0 latency or packet loss...
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