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  1. YAY!!! You give us 5 weekends of 50% boosts! YAY. This does not MAKE UP for the lack of fixing the adena rates. How the hell did you and juji become producers if you don't fix shit? Serious question.
  2. The drop rate is extremely low, deal with it. L2wiki is for the EU servers, their rates are not NA West rates.
  3. This is a genius idea. But, they wont do that. They will not put in the money required for a web app dev to design that and the sniffer to do it.
  4. Because that spider quest gives them 3200 adena instead of the 1000 it's supposed to. If NCsoft devs would change the ai.obj function call that states how much adena this quest gives and corrected that, these people would stop.
  5. Hell yea man, nothing more exciting than pking and then running from about 70 players trying to gank you. lol.
  6. The reason most of these players are 50+ isn't because they bot, it's a group of account sharers that play 24/7, 8 hr shifts each.
  7. He definitely didn't play 14 years ago. Everyone knew there were botters using l2walker. Everyone knew they controlled the economy.
  8. I know about those. You're probably right, we can dream though.
  9. I love pking bots, get a cheap D, C grade weapon one that you don't care to lose, and go on a pk spree.
  10. Here's a better idea - roll a pk toon, on a separate account, dual box it if you must, get it to 45 and go permared.
  11. Am I the only one that misses the necros and catas? Can't wait til they're put back in.
  12. No there isn't a way to get rid of bots. They're like hydra's from mythos. You kill one head and three more replace it.
  13. It has nothing to do with being stupid, it has to do with knowing that no matter how much you cry and complain, nothing will be done. Bots makers will always find a way to bypass bot protection. They always have, always will. What we get tired of is people crying over the bots. There are plenty of places to farm, and if you don't like bots, PK them. Roll a pk toon and go on a pk spree. Simple fix.
  14. You will not see the bonus in your system message window.
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