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  1. No VIP ??

    I think the top has been something near 6.5k. We are stuck in a situation with players being ingame for 120+ hours and shitloads of ppl who cant even log in. I have tried several times during the weekend but queues go between 600 players and 2100 players. Literaly unplayable.
  2. No VIP ??

    Its been clearly stated that its a server based benefit. Yet I purchased the 2400NCoin pack and Im stuck in the queue for some reason. The prestige pack should make me VIP at once considering that the NCoin have been spent.
  3. Disconnect

    Lol man. You say u are not a no lifer but 3 hours later you keep posting that you cant log in. Obviously they are having an issue in their end and thats it. Go on and do something else and try to log in later on.