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  1. +1 Must be L2 Revolution pro. Like the others have stated , she was always agro. She will chase you all over SoS. Best way to kill her back then was with Sorcs
  2. Yes i know, Like i said DOUBLE CHECK. It is still my opinion to change items that look the same, i know that cuts into peeps income. Nonetheless simple opinion , simple fix. Takes any moral dilemmas out of the equation. I am still in that % of people that say go out an earn it. get off lazy butt and kill stuff to get your income. At least i did NOT say start making stuff soul bound. Really since it is not a subscription game anymore, then there is no reason to keep current system. It
  3. The one thing that always bothered me , NCSoft stance on scammers. Such as shop scammers, gear scammers, name cloning/similar to scam gear. They are at their old tricks again, and it being hardcore version will scare off players who get scammed of their gear/adena. Right now in 4 different towns there are toons (Aden Server) that are selling Soulstone as D crystals since they look alike. Also either D gems or C gems as stones of purity. I can already hear you saying it, DOUBLE CHECK before you buy. I do it, but i know there are new players that never experienced the L2 scams of the past. If N
  4. Just like you dont care, if people dont believe you used SS and adena w/no vip . i think its crap your nose is getting longer. but cool story bro. Hopefully you quit and dont come here to announce you quit. GrumpyMuppet sounds more like Jealousy that people are leveling faster than you. Would love to see you killing 100`s of mobs and getting .01 %. Go cry somewhere else
  5. Now if we can get other cry babies to quit. Same thing happens every time new server opens ( insert game name here) there are always going to be unhappy players. Don't come here and post your leaving. Just leave, if you don't like xp rates leave, if you don't like the grind just leave.
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